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Birth - 1 month

- "Physiologic flexion" position (Snuggled up)
- Beginning to strengthen postural muscles
- Can lift head briefly in prone
- "Pull to sit" results in head lag


2-3 months

- Able to hold head up when held at shoulder
- Prone: Can hold head to 90˚ extension, briefly; maintain 45˚
- Head bobbing upright in supported sitting position
- Can get chest up in prone with some weight through forearm (prone on elbows)


4-5 months

- Log rolls (nonsegmental) from prone to supine
- Pivots in prone
- Bears weight through extended arms in prone
- Able to bridge
- Forward propping beginning in sitting
- Sits along briefly
- Equilibrium reactions in prone
- Grasps and releases toys


6-7 months

- Log rolls (nonsegmental) from supine to prone
- Segmental rolls from prone to supine
- Holds weight on one hand to reach for toys
- Protective extension forward in sitting
- Protective extension to the side in sitting
- Equilibrium reactions in supine
- Gets into sitting without help
- Stands while holding on to something


8-9 months

- Quadriped position
- Moves from sitting to prone
- Sits without hand support
- Protective extension backward in sitting
- Crawling
- Cruises (walking with UE support) along furniture


10-11 months

- Equilibrium reactions in quadriped
- Stands briefly without support
- Pulls to stand using half-kneel intermediate position
- Walks with one hand support


12-15 months

- Equilibrium reactions in standing
- Protective extension forward in standing
- Walks without support


16-24 months

- Protective extension sideways and backward in standing
- Develops skills for play: squats, kicks ball, throws ball (2-handed), propels rides on toys
- Walks up and down stairs ONE STEP AT A TIME (Step-to) with one hand hold


2-3 yo

- Walks up and down stairs with reciprocal gait pattern
- Jumps off a step (cannot jump up)
- Catches a large ball in standing


3-4 yo

- Mature gait pattern: heel strike and toe off, good use of joints; not developed as adult gait pattern
- Jumps off the floor (clears air)
- Catches a small ball in standing
- Gallops


5-8 yo

- Gait is fully mature
- Skips


9-12 yo

- Mature pattern of movement with runnung , jumping and throwing
- Improved balance and coordination, working on skill