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Components of Prehension (5)

- Regard: Visual attention on object
- Approach: Directing/adjusting toward object
- Grasp: Closing of hand on object
- Manipulation: Moving of object as it is being held
- Release: Method by which object leaves hand


Motor Homunculus

Big part of brain (motor cortex) controls hand


Palmar Grasp Reflex (In utero)

- Present at birth
- As long as stimulus present, hand remains closed
- Unable to voluntarily grasp (lacks shoulder stability for skillful reaching)


Prone on elbows

- Happens at 2 months; helps with shoulder stability and prehension


Shoulder Stability Development (3 months)

- Allows holding UE stable for reaching
- Development of control of UE; allows child to bring objects towards him, explore with two hands
- Facilitated by WB and WS in prone on elbows and supine


Grasping for object in space (4-5 months)

- Actively reaches and grasps objects in space
- Uses whole hand in palmar grasp
- Supination/pronation develops, allows placement of object in mouth
- Thumb inactive


Progression to finger grasp (4-5 months)

- Grasps with ulnar digits 4 and 5
- Rakes object into hand
- Starts medial to lateral development
- Thumb inactive


Ulnar to Radial Finger grasp (5-9 months)

- Increasing dominance of first two fingers (digits 2-3)
- Thumb inactive


Finger Grasp Progress (10 months)

- Forefinger (index finger) active - child can poke and prod with finger (nose, eyes, ears)
- Thumb more active
- Development of pincer grasp and three jaw chuck


Releasing grasp (11 months)

- Release by relaxing fingers prior to 11 months
- Volitional release begins (active extension of fingers)


Finger grasp (18 months)

- Can hold pencil in center of pads with fingers
- Mark with a crayon while holding cup with other hand


Motor Skill Development (2-7 years)

Development of gross motor and fine motor development specific to child's individual play