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Definition of pain

Unpleasant sensory, perceptual, emotional, mental experience provoked by disease or injury with autonomic, physiological, and behavioral responses


Pain is ____ vital sign

- 5th vital sign
- Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Respiratory Rate, Temperature, PAIN


Characteristics of pain

- Type (Burning, tingling, sharp, dull, etc.)
- Location (Where pain is)
- Intensity (How severe is pain)
- Duration (How long does pain last)
- Frequency (How often does pain occur)


Acute pain

Pain that lasts less than six weeks


Chronic pain

Pain that lasts greater than three months, or persistent pain that lasts beyond the expected healing timeframe


Subacute pain

Pain that lasts 6-12 weeks (while tissue is still healing or just shortly after)


Questions to ask about pain

- What makes pain worse or better?
- Over last 48 hrs, are sx getting better, worse, staying the same?
- Have you sought tx for this pain before? What kind and when? How did you respond?
- Has pain ever occurred before?


Numerical Pain Scale (NPS, NPRS)

- Rating of pain on a scale of 0-10
- 0 = no pain, 10 = unbearable pain


Visual Analogue Scale (VAS)

- Level of perceived pain
- 10 cm line, L anchor = no pain, R anchor = unbearable pain
- Measure line from L anchor and record number as score
- Can use facial pictures for children (relate to expressions) or communication impairments


Psychometrics (VAS)

- Highly sensitive if small increments used
- Valid if measures taken accurately
- Increase reliability if pt allowed to mark on the scale/line


If pt's rating increases significantly from the last rating, PTA should...

- ...stop treatment and consult PT
- Can inquire about pain, what they felt, then consult PT


Body diagrams

Pt marks location of pain in diagram of human body


McGill Pain Questionnaire

- 70 questions, 4 pts, max score 78
- Establish baseline, monitors progress
- Pt 1: pt marks area and type of pain on body diagram
- Pt 2: pt chooses one word that best describes pain from 20 categories
- Pt 3: pt describes pain pattern, factors that increase/relieve pain
- Pt 4: pt rates the intensity of pain from 0-5


Dallas Questionnaire

- Self-report looks at impact of pain on daily life rather than pain itself
- Rate % of pain on different aspects of ADL
- 16 questions


Oswestry Disability Index

- Self-report calculates % of disability based on pt's score in 10 sections