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Which division of V3 is the otic ganglion associated with?

It is associated with the posterior division


What innervation does the anterior V3 division supply?

Mostly motor - supplies muscles of mastication - except for the long buccal nerve (gums)


What does the posterior V3 branch innervate?

Mainly sensory - teeth, gums and tongue (lingual - except for myohyoid and anterior digasteric muscle


Through which foramen does the inferior alveolar emerge?

Mental foramen


Which muscles are found in the itf?

Lateral pterygoid - condylar process
Medial pterygoid - angle of mandible
Temporalis - coronoid process of mandible


What vessels are found in the ITF?

Maxillary artery and pterygoid venus plexus


What are the nerves and vessels found in the pterygopalatine fossa?

V2 from foramen rotunda
Last part of maxillary artery