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Describe the characteristics of an A delta pain fibre...

• 1-5 micrometers
• Thin myelination
• Fast conduction speed - 20m/s
• SHarp, fast pain
• Responds to mechanical stimulation, painful heat/cold


Describe the characteristics of a C pain fibre...

• 2.5 micrometers
• No myelination
• 2m/s - slow
• Dull slow ache
• Same as Ad plus substances from damaged tissue


What are the different Rexed's Laminae?

I = Marginal Zone
II/III = Substantia Gelatinosa
IV-VI = Nucleus proprius


Where do the pain fibres synapse? And where do they ascend to after?

A delta - synapse lamina 1&5
C fibre - synapse lamina 1&2

Lamina 4,5,6 -> Thalamus anterolateral tract


Define allodynia...

When peripheral sensitisation occurs, threshold lowers for non-noxious stimuli


Define hyperalgesia...

When peripheral sensitisation occurs, threshold lowers and responsiveness increases for noxious stimuli


What is central sensitisation?
Where can this occur?

Sensitisation in the spinal cord due to a change in the post synaptic neurone.
• Spinal Cord (lamina I and V neurones)
• Thalamus
• Amygdala
• Anterior cingulate cortex.