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What do projection fibres do?

Link gyri to other CNS structure


Which areas are involved with language?

Wernicke's area - language processing
Broca's - language production
Left hemisphere in most people


What is the function of the anterior cingulate gyrus?

• Larger - worrier, sensitivity, fear
• Executive processes
• Emotion particularly linked to pain
• Empathy
Males – smaller left anterior cingulate – less control over aggressive behaviour


What other asymmetry is there?

Leftward asymmetry – precentral gyrus, middle frontal, anterior temporal, superior parietal
Rightward assymetry – inferior posterior temporal lobe, inferior frontal lobe
visual cortex - Potentially males more cortex to process visuospatial aspects and mental rotation


What is conduction aphasia?

Association fibre damage
• Arcuate fasciculus
• (superior longitudinal fasciculus)
• Comprehension intact
• Expression is fluent
• Difficulty processing and formulating response.
Damage between wernicke's and broca's area


What is split brain?

Corpus callosum lesion
Commissural fibres
• Ask someone to close their eyes and put their hands face up
• Touch one of their fingertips with a pen/pencil
With the opposite hand the participant needs to touch the corresponding finger with thumb of the same hand.