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Define stroke...

‘sudden onset of a focal or global neurological impairment of over 24 hours duration (or leading to death) of presumed vascular origin’


Define TIA...

‘acute loss of focal cerebral or monocular function lasting less than 24 hours thought to be due to inadequate cerebral or ocular blood supply as a result of arterial thrombosis or embolism associated with arterial, cardiac haematological disease’


What percentage of stroke are due to ischeamia?



Explain TACS...

Total anterior circulation stroke
Main artery to one hemisphere
• Complete hemiparesis / numbness
• Loss of vision on one side
• Loss of awareness of one side
• Dysphasia if dominant side


Explain PACS...

Partial anterior circulation stroke
Branch of the main artery
• Face &/or arm &/or leg weak / numb
• One higher deficit:
• Inattention or dysphasia


Explain LACS...

LACunar Stroke
Small perforating artery
Movement and sensation pathways
• Weakness / numbness of:
• Face + Arm + Leg
• or Face + Arm or Arm + Leg
No effect on higher function


Explain POCS...

Any posterior artery
• Loss of balance / co-ordination
• Vertigo
• Double vision
• Dysarthria
Visual loss


Explain TIA...

• Temporary blockage which resolves spontaneously
• Usually