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What the main Jeffrey Archer series

Which is his most recent?

Kane and Abel (3 books)

Clifton Chronicles (7 books) - first book in 2011


Between what years was Jeffrey Archer in prison

What for?

2001 - 2003



What does the J and K in JK Rowling stand for?

What's the interesting caveat? why?

What technically is her married surname, which she sometimes uses?

Joanna ("Jo")

She had no middle name, but she chose K for Kathleen, from her paternal grandmother.

Her publishers thought that young boys might not want to read a book by a woman, so asked her to use two initials rather than her full name




What are the Harry Potter books in order

include the play ... as it is an official story

Which is the only one of the original books that doesn't feature Voldemort

Philosopher's Stone

Chamber of Secrets

Prisoner of Azkaban (no Voldemort)

Goblet of Fire

Order of the Phoenix

Half-Blood Prince

Deathly Hallows

Cursed Child


Where is Hogwarts?

What are the four houses?

For kudos, who are the house heads and ghosts

Who guards the entrance to Harry's house's common room?

Which one is Harry in? (but which was originally chosen for him by the hat?)


Gryffindor (Harry's) - Minerva McGonagall + Sir Nicolas de Mimsy Porpington (aka Nearly Headless Nick)

Hufflepuff - Pomona Sproat + The Fat Friar

Ravenclaw = Filius Flitwick + The Grey Lady

Slytherin (originally selected for Harry) = Severus Snape (then Horace Slughorn) + The Bloody Baron

The Fay Lady painting guards Gryffindor's common room


What do Snape, Voldemort and Harry have in common

They are all half-bloods



What are the names of the books in the Kane and Abel series

in order

In the bible who did the murder, Cain or Abel

Kane and Abel

The Prodigal Daughter

Shall we Tell the President

In the bible Cain killed Abel because God preferred Abel's sacrifice (meet, over Cain's vegetables)



First novel?

Q image thumb

Dan Brown

Digital Fortress (1998)


What are the books of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code series

well technically, what series is it (the lead character?)

When did he write the Da Vinci Code

Robert Langdon series

Angels and Demons (2000)

The Da Vinci Code (2003)

The Lost Symbol (2009)

Inferno (2013)

Origin (2017)


Who claims that Dan Brown stole their idea for Da Vinci Code?

What was their book?

Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh

who wrote Holy Blood Holy Grail (1982)


What is the name of the Chapel that features in the De Vinci Code

Who is the cryptologist female lead of the novel

Rosslyn Chapel

Sophie Neveu