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What was the Man Booker Prize originally known as and when was it founded

Booker-McConnell Prize

founded in 1968






Which winning writer donated £5000 to the British Black Panther Movement

John Berger


Which "literary battle" made front page news when decision between two favourite authors was made only 30mins before the ceremony

Anthony Burgess versus William Golding

The former refused to attend unless he knew in advance who'd won


Who won the first Booker Prize in 1969

P.H.Newby (UK) - Something to Answer For


Who won the 1978 Booker Prize

Iris Murdoch (Irish) - The Sea, the sea


Who won the 1980s Booker Prizes

1980 - William Golding - Rites of Passage

1981 - Salman Rushdie - Midnight's Children

1982 - Thomas Keneally (Aus) - Shindler's Ark

1983 - J M Coetzee - Life and Times of Michael K

1984 - Anite Brookner - Hotel du Lac

1985 - Keri Hulme - The Bone People

1986 - Kingsley Amis - the Old Devils

1987 - Penelope Lively - Moon Tiger

1988 - Peter Carey - Oscar and Lucinda

1989 - Kazuo Ishiguro - The Remains of the Day


Who won the 1990s Booker Prize

1990 - A S Byatt - Possession

1991 - Ben Okri (Nig) - The Farnished Road

1992 - Michael Ondaatje (Can) - The English Patiant

and Barry Unsworth - Sacred Hunger

1993 - Roddy Doyle - Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

1994 - James Kelman - How late it was, how late

1995 - Pat Barker - The Ghost Road

1996 - Graham Swfit - Last Orders

1997 - Arundhati Roy - The God of Small Things

1998 - Ian McEwan - Amsterdam

1999 - J M Coetzee - Disgrace


Who won the 2000s Booker Prize

2000 - Margaret Atwood (Can) - The Blind Assassin

2001 - Peter Carey - True History of the Kelly Gang

2002 - Yann Martel  - Life of Pi

2003 - DBC Pierre - Vernon God Little

2004 - Alan Hilllinghurst - The Line of Beauty

2005 - John Banville - The Sea

2006 - Kiran Desai - The Inheritance of Loss

2007 - Anne Enright - The Gathering

2008 - Aravind Adiga - White Tiger

2009 - Hilary Mantel - Wolf Hall


Who won the Booker Prize in the 2010s

2010 - Howard Jacobson - The Finkler Question

2011 - Julian Barnes - The Sense of an Ending

2012 - Hilary Mantel - Bring up the bodies

2013 - Eleanor Catton - The Luminaries

2014 - Richard Flanagan - The Narrow Road to the Deep North

2015 - Marlon James - A Brief History of Seven Killings

2016 - Paul Beatty - The Sellout

2017 - George Saunders - Lincoln in the Bardo


Which three authors have won the Booker Prize twice

John Maxwell (J M) Coetzee (also 2003 Nobel Prize winner) (1983 & 1999)

Hilary Mantel (2009 & 2012)

Peter Carey (1988 & 2001)


What is often considered the American equivalent of the Nobel Prize

The Neustadt International Prize


In Nobel Prize literature: Who was:

first winner and in what year

first Britishwinner and in what year

first Irish winner and in what year

second Irish winner and in what year

first American winner and in what year

second British winner (year and particular referenced work)

1901: Sully Prudhomme (France) pron (Sue-Lee-Prood-om)

1907: Rudyard Kipling (UK)

1923: William Butler (W B) Yeats (Irish)

1925: George Bernard Shaw (Irish)

1930: Sinclair Lewis (US)

1932: James Galsworthy (UK) - Forsyte Saga





Name the UK Nobel Prize Winners and years

1907: Rudyard Kipling

1932: John Galsworthy

1948: T S Elliot

1950: Bertrand Russell

1953: Winston Churchill

1981: Elias Canetti (Bulgaria / UK)

1983: William Golding

2001: V.S. Naipaul UK/Trin Tobago

2005: Harold Pinter

2007: Doris Lessing


Who won the Nobel Prize the year after Churchill

Ernest Hemingway 1954


Who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1949

William Faulkner


Who won the Nobel Prize in

John Steinbeck


Who won the Nobel Prize in 1964

what was special about it

Jean-Paul Satre

He refused it.  He refused all honours

(Only two people have turned down the award)


Who won the Nobel Prize in 1969

Samuel Beckett (Ire)


Who won the Nobel Prize in 1995

Seamus Heaney (Ire)


Who are the two Chinese Nobel Prize winners

2000: Gao Xingjian (Chi / Fra)

2012: Mo Yan (Chi) pen name Guan Moye


What book topped the charts of The Boards List of the top 100 novels in the 'Modern Library'

What topped the Readers list

Ulysses by James Joyce

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand


Who is the oldest Nobel Prize winner

Doris Lessing (she was 88 when she won)


Who (and what year) was a winner made to turn down his win

Boris Pasternak in 1958, by the Soviet Authorities, despite having initially accepted


Who won the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for fiction

Who won the 2007 PPF

The Orphan Master's Son (Adam Johnson)

The Road - Cormac McCarthy



Eleanor Catton

winner of the 2013 award 'The Luminaries'

youngest ever Booker Prize winner (aged 28)


Who won the 2011 Pulizer Prize

Who wrote the Hours, and when did it win a PP

Who wrote Lonesome Dove and in what year did that win a PP

Again, who wrote the Colour Purple, and in what year did it win


Jennifer Egan

A Visit from the Goon Squad

The hours was written by Michael Cunningham and won in 1999

Lonesome Dove was written by Larry McMurty and won in 1985

Colour Purple was by Alice Walker and won in 1983




What two books won Pulizer Prizes for William Faulkner and in what years

Who else has won it twice


The Reivers (1963)

A Fable (1955)

Booth Tarkington (who wrote The Magnificent Ambersons) and John Updike (for his Rabbit series, he also wrote the Witches of Eastwick)

Ernest Hemingway was selected in 1941 as well as his award in 1953 but the former was overturned and no 1941 award was given


In what year did Margerat Mitchell win a PP for Gone with the Wind

What were the two authorised sequels (not written by Mitchell)


it was published in 1936



Rhett Butler's People


Who won the PP in 1961

Who win the PP in 1980

Harper Lee for To Kill a Mockingbird

Norman Mailer for The Executioner's Song


When were the Costa Book awards inaugurated, and what were they originally known as

Can you get any of the 2010-2015 overall winners

They were inaugurated for 1971 publications and known as the Whitbread Book Awards until 2006 when Costa Coffee, a subsidiary of Whitbread, took over sponsorship.

2010 - Jo Shapcott with Of Mutability (poetry)

2011 - Andrew Miller with Pure (novel)

2012 - Hillary Mantel with Bring up the Bodies (novel)

2013 - Nathan Flier with The Shock of the Fall (first novel)

2014 - Helen Macdonald for H is for Hawk (biography)

2015 - Frances Hardinge with The Lie Tree (Children's book)



Who won the National Book Awards (aka Specsavers National Book Awards, or simply National Book Awards — previously known as the Galaxy National Book Awards (2010–11); British Book Awards or Nibbies (1990–2009) )

(tends to award to populist tat)

Book of the Year title for







There was no 2015 event and probably no 2016 event

2014 - The Miniaturist  - Jessie Burton

2013 - The Ocean at the End of the Lane  - Neil Gaiman

2012 - Fifty Shades of Grey - Erika Leonard James (pen name E L James)

2011 - How to be a Woman - Caitlin Moran

2010 - One Day - David Nicholls


Who won the 1970 Nobel Prize

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn 1974crop.jpg


Who won the Nobel Prize for Literature since 2013


2013 - Alice Munro (Canada)

2014 - Patrick Modiano (France)

2015 - Svetlana Alexievich (Belarusian) - she fled Belarus under Lukashenko

2016 - Bob Dylan

2017 - Kazuo Ishiguro





Who is the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for fiction winner

Who is the 2015 winner

2014 - Donna Tartt - The Goldfinch

2015 - Anthony Doerr (Scribner) - All the Light we Cannot See



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Which famous non-fiction work was a NYT best seller in 2004, and also won British National Book Award in 2004

Who wrote it

Eats, Shoots and Leaves - Lynne Truss



Which vaguely annoying book won the National Book Award for 1998, and who wrote it

Bridget Jones's Diary - Helen Fielding


Who won the Nobel Prize for literature in the following years




1993 - Toni Morrison (who won the Pulitzer in 1988)

1991 - Nadine Gordimer (who won the Booker in 1974) - famous for her writing against apartheid

1976 - Saul Bellow (who won the Pulitzer in 1976 too)


As of 2016, Which country has won the most NPs for Literature

How many?

In what position is the UK, how many?

France - 16

UK is 3rd with - 10  (US has 11)



What was the word of the year since 2013

2013 - Geek

2014 - Photobomb

2015 - Binge-watch

2016 - Brexit

2017 - fake news