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The planned fuel to most distant alternate includes what??

Fuel burn to most distant alternate plus an additional 400 lbs


How is Planned Reserve Fuel calculated?

Calculated as 45 minutes of the TOD cruise thrust fuel flow.


How is holding fuel calculated?

Planned landing weight at 10,000 above the destination airport.


In the Wind/Temp Deviation table, what does 0 in the climb column indicate?

That TOC was reached before the first point in the Flight Plan.


The MWL indicates what?

Max Wind Level indicating height of Tropopause


International flights have an extra line in the filed flight plan indicating what? For example CZYZ0003 KORD0034

Entering CZYZ airspace 3 minutes after departure and enter KORD 34 minutes after departure.


With no alternate required, what are the factors that result in a 99% SCF - Statistical Contingency Fuel?

Thunderstorms at destination
Thunderstorms within 100 NM of route
Moderate or greater turbulence at cruise altitude
90 degree crosswind exceeds 30 kts


With an alternate required, what are the factors that result in a 99% SCF - Statistical Contingency Fuel?

In addition to no alternate required factors:
Ceilings less than 400
Visibility less than 1 SM


If an EFB becomes damaged, lost or unavailable where do you go for a loner to be given?

SkyWest Online - IT - EFB Support


What is the longest time an EFB may be loaned out?

2 weeks


If the battery discharges from 100 % to ____% in ____ hours, it must be replaced. What other criteria?

100% to 50% in flight mode


The company manuals must be synced within the preceding ___ days to be considered current for the current day's operation.

4 days


Ensure there is sufficient battery life to power the EFB for the duration of the flight leg based on the release fuel. Which is?

4200 lbs per hour


Where is there a list of approved battery packs?

IT - EFB Support - Approved / Required Software and Hardware


If the Securing Device is missing or damaged what procedures are followed?

Contact local MX and DO NOT write up as it is not an aircraft component.


What EFB activities are allowed during critical phases of flight?

Jeppesen FlightDeck Pro
Company Manuals


Are check airman allowed in the jump seat on international fights?

Yes, if previously assigned to the flight and listed on the dispatch release


Does an unplanned diversion increase the number of flight segments to be recognized for FDP limits??



And FDP may be extended only once beyond 30 minutes up to 2 hours, under what criteria?

must receive 30 consecutive hours of rest within the past 168 hours / 7 days


Jumpseaters must be briefed on the use of... ?

Seat Belts, Headset usage, and O2 masks


If the weather is less than 1000' ceiling and 3 SM visibility No turns... ?

No turns below 1000 AFE


If below 1000 AFE in IMC and experience an engine failure...

Climb straight ahead to 1000' then turn to navaid or heading... hold on the inbound radial standard right turns.


Simple special single engine departure procedures differ from the standard... ?

A turn to a heading or navaid is required prior to 1000 AFE


Definition of wet runway

A runway is considered wet when it is neither dry nor contaminated, and is more than 25% of width and length is covered by any visible dampness or water than is 1/8th inch or less.


Contaminated runway definition

More than 25% is covered by any depth of snow, slush, ice, or more than 1/8th inch of water.


The required 45 minutes of reserve fuel is calculated how?

45 minutes of fuel burn using TOD fuel flow


The Takeoff Configuration Checks for what??

Flaps, Parking Brake, Pitch Trim and Spoilers deployed


Are Simple Special single engine departure procedures mandatory??

Yes... Until reaching 1000 ft if VFR


In IMC on a Simple Special single engine departure procedure, comply with the procedure until what altitude?

3000 ft


When is a runway considered to be dry?

When it is neither wet nor contaminated


When is a runway considered to be wet?

When it is neither dry nor contaminated and the usable width is covered by any dampness or water that is 1/8th inch or less.


When is a runway considered contaminated?

When 25% of the runway surface within the reported length and width is covered by ice, frost, any snow or slush depth or water more than 1/8" water.


What is the temperature limit when a new release is required?

The planned temperature -10 degrees C


The QNH limit requiring a new release

It is valid when the QNH is no less than .10"
Example: Altimeter 29.72 valid to 29.62


Green Battery Icon?

Greater than 18 Volts ( SOP requires greater than 22.5 for dispatch or 21 to 22.5 with charging procedure)


White Battery Icon?

18 Volts or less