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What is Landing Distance for LAHSO

Landing Distance per the AFM + 1000 ft.


What are the limitations for LAHSO

1. Prohibited on Wet Runways2. Must have visual or electronic vertical guidance.3. Prohibited if windshear has been reported within last 30 minutes.4. Tail wind shall be calm (less than 3 kts)5. If at night, LAHSO lighting must be installed.


What is the weather minima for LAHSO

Ceiling no less than 1500 ft AGL.Visibility no less than 5 statute miles.If a VASI or PAPI installedCeiling may be lowered to 1000 ft AGLVisibility no less than 3 Statute Miles.


For Straight in Non Precision or CAT I Precision Approach what RVR is controlling?And what may be substituted

Minimum Visibilitiy 1/2 mileThe TDZ RVR is controlling with the Mid and Rollout RVR being advisory only.The Mid RVR may be substituted for the TDZ RVR.


CAT I Precision Approach Minimum Criteria

Visibility down to 1800 RVR without TDZ Lights or Center LIne Lights RCL including installed but inoperative lighting if:Must be equipped and use an approved FD, AP or HUD.


What is the RVR Minimum for a High Mins Captain

4000 RVR


If the visibility is "LOW" less than 3/4 mile or 4000 RVR what restrictions must be met

Runway length shall be at least 115% of landing performance required.Precision Instrument Runway Markings or Runway Center Line Lights must be operational


What is the derived alternate airport minimums criteria?

If there is only one "operational" navigational facility providing a straight in approach:Add 400 ft to MDA and 1 SM or 1600 RVR to landing minimums
If at least 2 nav facilities providing straight in approaches to 2 different runways:Add 200 ft to MDA and 1/2 mile or 800 RVR to landing minimums.


What are the CAT II landing mimums

TDZ RVR 1200Mid RVR 600Roll Out RVR 300


If the TDZ RVR is OTS, can you conduct a CAT II approach?

NO... the TDZ RVR is required and controlling.


Is the Roll Out RVR required for CAT II operations?

Yes... it is required and controlling for operations below 1600 RVR.


May the Mid RVR report be substituted for a Roll Out RVR?

Yes... if it is unavailable.And it must be 600 RVR or greater.


May the Far End RVR be substituted for a Roll Out RVR

Yes... if it is unavailable.And must be 300 RVR or greater.They are advisory only, unless used as a substitute for the Roll Out RVR.


What lighting is required for CAT II Operations

HIRLTDZ LightingCL LightingALSF 1 or 2 (sequenced flashing lights may be inop)


If the sequenced flashing lights on an ALSF 1 or 2 lighting system are inop, may you continue a CAT II approach to CAT II minimums?



What are the CAT II minimums if only TDZ RVR is available

1600 RVR


What are the CAT II minimums if TDZ RVR and Roll Out RVR are available?

TDZ 1200 RVR Minimum


Max Crosswind component for CAT II Ops

15 KTS


What is required to fly an approach to 1800 RVR

Engage and use the FD in approach mode down to the MDA or initiation of the missed approach procedure.


For a CAT I Straight in Precision Approach, may the mid RVR be substituted for the TDZ RVR?

Yes... if the TDZ RVR is unavailable


Lower than Standard Takeoff MinimaWhat is required for TDZ at or above 1600 RVR

TDZ RVR is controllingThe Mid may be substituted if the TDZ RVR is unavailable.


Lower than Standard Takeoff MinimaWhat is required for operations below 1600 RVR

A minimum of 2 RVR's requiredAll available RVR's are controlling.A far end RVR is advisory and not controlling and not to be used as one of the required 2 RVR's


What is required for Takeoff with TDZ 1600 RVR

One of the following:High Intensity Runway Lights - HIRLorOperative Runway Center Line Lights - CLorServiceable Runway Center Line Markings - RCLM


What is required for Takeoff with TDZ RVR 600Mid RVR 600Roll Out RVR 600

High Intensity Runway Lights - HIRLand Operative Runway Center Line Lights - CL


What is required for Takeoff with TDZ RVR 1200Mid RVR 1200Roll Out RVR 1000

Daylight:RCLM or HIRL or CLNight:HIRL or CL


What is required for Takeoff withTDZ RVR 1000Mid RVR 1000Roll Out RVR 1000

Operative CLorHIRL and RCLM