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On a Go-Around, what engine thrust mode is active, and when does it change?

The thrust mode is GA RSV
Once flaps are selected to Zero GA Thrust goes to climb 1


What systems are load shed when the RAT is supplying power?



On what page can you verify that the RAT is connected and powering the AC ESS BUS?

You can't.
With only screens 2 and 3 available, it is not possible to reference any synoptic pages. Therefore, the only way to verify that the AC ESS BUS is being powered is by the absence of the Red BATT DISCHARGING warning message


What does the RAT deploy handle accomplish

It deploys and physically connects the RAT to the AC ESS BUS


When does the CABIN HIGH warning EICAS message come on?

Cabin pressure altitude reaches 9700


What systems and items are available during an electrical emergency?

Dome Light at half intensity
Compass back light
Captains display control unit
Screens 2 and 3 - Screen 2 is a PFD, Screen 3 is EICAS
Glare shield lights
Reversionary panel
Captains CCD - Cursor Control Device
Both Audio Control Panels - but only Com 1 and Nav 1
PA buttons
Exciters for Engine 1 - 1a and Engine 2 - 2A


What start malfunctions does the FADEC protect for?

HOT start
Hung start
No Light Off


What start malfunctions does the FADEC NOT protect for?

No positive oil pressure within 10 seconds
Tail wind - N1 must register before starter cutout
No ITT / light off within 30 seconds
Start Valve remains open


When does the AT mode GA appear?

With the gear down and flaps 3


What are the tiller speed limits?

76 degrees 10 kts and below
20 degrees 26 kts
7 degrees above 89 kts


When is the windshield heat on?

Both are on if there are two AC sources
If only one AC source, Windshield Heat is turned off on the ground. If in the air, the captains windshield is heated with only one AC source. If the captains windshield heat fails, the First Officers windshield will be heated with only one AC source


What is the FMA show during the Takeoff sequence?

White TO Green ROLL and TO
at 50 deg TLA, AT mode jumps to Green TO
at 60 kts green HOLD for the auto throttles. This lasts till 400 ft agl. The servos are de energized.
At 100 Kts Green TRACK lateral mode from ROLL
at 400 ft AGL Green Track can be replaced by LNAV or HDG if selected


Explain the 3 different ROLL modes

0 to 6 degrees of bank, the aircraft will roll wings level
6 to 35 degrees of bank, the aircraft will hold that bank
above 35 degrees of bank, the aircraft will return to 35 degrees of bank


Explain what speeds are commanded during a go-around

The aircraft will initially pitch for 8 degrees
Once a speed is established, the aircraft will pitch for
Vref + 20
If it is a single engine go around, the aircraft will command Vac - approach climb


What is the bank angle limit when BANK is selected

17 degrees


What is the default Vertical Mode?

Initial default is FLCH
turn it off and next default mode is FPA


Explain Method 1

A takeoff weight that ensures an engine failure anytime after V1 and clear all obstacles by 5 NM and 1000 ft with a net gradient of 1500' at the destination


What is net altitude??

It is the altitude at which the aircraft can maintain a 1.1% climb gradient, the actual climb capability is about 5000 ft higher.


Explain Method 2

Begins at cruise altitude and ensures aircraft can divert to a suitable airport and clear obstructions 5 SM and 2000 ft. Airport can be no further than 130NM from abeam point.