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Each wing incorporates what two tanks?

Collector Tank and a Surge Tank


What is the purpose of the Surge Tank?

To collect any fuel that may enter the vent system through wing down or uncoordinated maneuvers.


What is the purpose of the collector tank?

Keeps fuel pumps submerged


How is the Fuel Used indication reset?

Automatically upon engine start


How many fuel pumps are there and what are they?

5 Pumps in Left Wing and 6 Pumps in Right Wing
Ejector Pump
Wing AC Electric Pump
Three Scavenge Ejector Pumps
DC Electric Pump in Right Wing


What is the primary fuel pump?

Venturi ejector pump


What happens to the fuel flow lines when the engines are below 60%N2

Normal to have white flow lines at this thrust setting


What is the total fuel capacity

20,935 lbs


The FUEL LO LEVEL EICAS WARNING message indicates what?

660 lbs in either wing tank


Where is the low fuel sensor located?

It is a dedicated sensor located in the collector tank?


What is the significance of the location of the low fuel sensor?

Because it is in the collector tank. With the loss of a scavenge ejector pump transferring fuel to the collector tank, then the fuel in the collector box will flow out till the level matches that of the wing tank. The result is that when the wing tank reaches 3970 lbs the fuel low sensor could detect a low fuel situation, thus triggering the FUEL LO LEVEL message on the EICAS


What might cause a low level in the collector tank?

Engine failure, loss of motive flow or scavenge pump failure or blockage


If there is a low level fuel condition in the collector tank, what precautions must be taken?

Engine flame out might occur if
nose up pitch exceeds 15
uncoordinated flight
negative G's


What does the FUEL IMBALANCE message on the EICAS mean?

A fuel imbalance of 800 lbs or more