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What does the START/STOP selector knob in the STOP position do?

Commands the FADEC to shut down the engine


What does the WML icon indicate

Windmilling indication


What does the OFF position on the IGNITION SELECTOR KNOB accomplish

Deactivates the ignition. Fuel flow is inhibited on the ground. FADEC disregards the OFF position in flight.


What does AUTO position on the IGNITION SELECTOR KNOB accomplish?

FADEC continuously activates both igniters while the engine is running


On the IGNITION SELECTOR KNOB, if placed in the OFF position in the air, what happens to the igniters?

They continue to work as FADEC disregards this switch position in the air


On the IGNITION SELECTOR KNOB, if placed in the OFF position on the ground, what system logic is there?

On the ground, fuel flow is inhibited


When is the N1 wing anti-ice cyan line displayed?

Only in icing conditions below 1200 AGL with the landing gear down or flaps extended.


What type of start malfunctions are there?

Hot Start
Hung Start
No Light Off
No Oil Pressure


Describe the flow of fuel

Fuel leaves the fuel tanks and flows through the low pressure fuel pump and then divides into two paths. One flows through the high pressure fuel pump and returns to the tank as motive flow. The second flows through the fuel / oil heat exchanger to the fuel filter, the FMU, then through the high pressure fuel pump before returning to the FMU.


How is the SCV - Starter Control Valve opened?

By the FADEC. The FADEC opens and closes the SCV


How many igniters are energized during engine starts?

One for engine starts on the ground
Both for inflight engine starts


What does the OVRD position of the IGNITION knob accomplish?

Both igniters on each engine are energized


When should the start be manually aborted?

When there is no light off within 30 seconds
No Oil Pressure


Is there start protection logic for inflight engine starts?

There is no protection during inflight engine starts for
Hot Starts
Hung Starts
Failure to light off


The ATTCS automatically commands Reserve Thrust when?

When it is engaged
Thrust Levers are in TOGA and one of the following:
N1 split of 15%
Engine failure on takeoff
engine failure during go around
Wind shear detection


When does the FADEC automatically command an engine shut down?

When N2 reaches 102%


Will the FADEC attempt to relight an engine automatically in the event of an overspeed?

In the event of 3 consecutive overspeed detection events within 30 seconds, the FADEC will not relight the engine


On a hot start, the FADEC shuts off the engine how?

Simply by shutting off fuel to the engine. The SCV - Starter Control Valve is not automatically shut, hence the reason for the memory item and QRH