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State the function of the nucleiod region.

Circular naked DNA (not packaged around proteins) which contains genes and controls cell activity.


State the function of 70s ribosomes.

Site of polypeptide synthesis.


State the function of the plasmid.

Small circular loop of DNA. Can replicate independently of the genophore.


State the function of pili

Allows different cells to stick together, exchange generic information, and form colonies.


State the function of the plasma membrane.

Selectively permeable membrane which controls what enters and leaves the cell.


State the function of the cell wall

Provides support and prevents the cell from bursting under osmotic pressure. Made of a glycoprotein called peptidoglycan.


State the function of flagellum

The base of flagellum rotate, causing the flagellum to whip around, and propelling the cell.


State the function of the cytoplasm.

Site of metabolic reactions.


State and describe how prokaryotes divide.

Prokaryotes divide by the asexual process of binary fission. The cell divides, forming two identical daughter cells.