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State the four factors affecting population size

Natality - increase through reproduction
Immigration - increase from external populations (moving in)
Mortality - decrease due to death
Emigration - decrease from loss to external populations (moving out)


State the three phases of population growth

Exponential phase, Transitional phase, Plateau phase


Explain the reasons for the Exponential phase

– Rapid population growth
– Natality exceeds mortality; immigration exceeds emigration
– Abundant resources (food, land) and limited environmental resistance (disease, predators)


Explain the reasons for the Transitional phase

– Rate of population growth slows down
– Resources become more limited


Explain the reasons for the Plateau phase

– Population stabilises, reaches a maximum population, which fluctuates slightly
– On average over a period of time, natality + immigration ≈ mortality + emigration
– Limited resources, high competition


List 5 factors which limit population affected by population density

Predation and parasites
Availability of shelter and water
Nutrient supply (i.e. food source)
Accumulation of wastes