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The name tag, mustache and nails measurement is...


1/4 inch


Approvals to transfer in a police vehicle all off-duty members or nonmembers must be received from the _____.


Unit supervisor


Officers receiving compensation to testify in federal court or in a jurisdiction outside of Bexar County on their RD, will either retain the compensation or surrender it to the _____ of the _____ or the _____ and _____ office in return for overtime or CT.

Jury Duty compensation for on duty is forfeited to _____ and _____ office and off duty compensation is _____ by officer.


Office of the chief
Accounting and Personnel
Accounting and Personnel/ retained


Bandage patches cannot be bigger than _____.
The US flag pin is worn on the _____ epaulet and must be _____


Left/ 1x1


Subpoenas issued less than _____ _____ prior to the court date may be delivered by Bexar County Sheriff's, district attorneys office investigators, or Court Liaison Personnel.


6 days


Rank insignia and and shoulder patch measurement is...


1/2 inch


Who must approve the order of new body armor?


Section and Division Commander


Preliminary review panel:
___ members are appointed by the chief of police
___ member is appointed by SAPOA

The panel will notify the board chair person at its decision in ______.

Any case not forwarded to the entire board for review, are returned to the ______ ______. If an additional complaint is received within ___ months of the original complaint which caused the referral they will become a candidate again.


Two members
One member
Officer concerning program coordinator
18 months


Internal information release:
Internal investigation- _____
UCR reporting-_____
Interpretation of departmental policy or procedure- _____
Home address or phone numbers of any members of the department-_____
Departmental administrative or field files-_____

Media requesting ride along- _____
Complaint by media- _____


PMSD or representative designated by the chief of police
PMSD or a representative designated by the chief of police
Accounting and personnel office

PMSD- final approval Office of the Chief
Immediate Supervisor


Field apparel is determine by the _____. Field duties include surveillance, execution of warrants, UC work, etc.


Unit director


Mandatory Accessories on duty belt:
- holster center over the _____ _____ of the trouser leg
- _____ holder worn in front between _____
- Minimum of _____ handcuffs was over a _____ _____ pocket
- Radio carrier _____ side of holster
- One approved intermediate weapon

- baton ring
- _____ ring or carrier
- _____ case
- key holder
- folding _____/multi tool (plain _____ covered case)
- fixed blade _____ (must be in a _____ that includes retention device/not friction)

SOU only- one single _____ _____ holder


Center seam
Magazine/ 9-3
One/ rear trouser

Knife/ Sheath

Rifle Magazine holder


Post Concern Program Action:

The officers ______ ______ monitors the progress and gives his findings on a weekly basis to the board chair person, officers ______, and ______ ______.

If the officer transfers immediate supervisor will notify the ______ and program coordinator.
The ______ ______ advise the board chairperson and officers ______ of any additional generated complaints.


Immediate supervisor
Program coordinator

Program coordinator


There is no reasonable expectation of privacy while social networking on city computers or during working hours, and content can be used for _____ trials, _____ trials, and _____ _____.

Any officer having knowledge of material online that breaks social networking rules notifiy _____ in writing.


Administrative Investigations
A supervisor


Written request for police records should be forwarded immediately to the _____.
Members served with a subpoena duces tecum not issued by the San Antonio city attorney or DAs office will as soon as possible forward it to _____ for review
Subpoena instanter will immediately be forwards to the _____ office because such subpoenas require_____.
Any information sought includes personnel records as opposed to police records (even from city attorney) will be forwarded to the legal advisors office for review.


custodian of records
legal advisor
legal advisor / immediate response


Members discover-
damage to city vehicle/ equipment immediately notify _____
mechanical impairment which may affect the safe operation of the vehicle immediately notify _____ _____ and _____ _____ shop.
mechanical problems not affecting safety operation immediately notify _____


immediate supervisor and vehicle repair
Notify their supervisor


An article of faith exemption is made by the _____.


Chief of Police or his designee


Texting while operating a city vehicle is _____.




The following information may be released to the media:

_____ and _____ of offense
Premise involved
Brief summary
ID of a _____
Description of SP
Description of SP _____/_____
Property involved
ID of officers, without compromising UC ops

For major crimes or incidents release of information is coordinated with the proper _____ _____.


Location and time
Suspect vehicle or license plate



Members must notify their chain of command and contact the _____ _____ office for any subpoenas received for civil proceedings.


Legal Advisors


PMSD has the following responsibilities at major scenes:

Limiting media personnel to those areas which will not interfere with _____ functions
Establishing and marking a _____ point or _____ _____
Arranging _____ with appropriate personnel if and when _____
Preparing a written _____ _____


Dissemination or press area
Interviews/ feasible
News release


Department awards will be worn above the _____ on the _____ side of the uniform. The number of awards worn is a limited to _____. Unit _____ are worn above all of this.


Nameplate on the right side
Unit pins


The three methods for referring officers to the officer concern program are:
Referrals by the ______
Referrals by ______
______ ______ referrals


Chief of police
Supervisors (immediate and intermediate supervisors and must be approved by the respective division commander)
Computer generated


For raid and rifle rated armor should be marked as follows:
Agency Patch (min _____ inches)
_____ patch
Name tab (min _____ inch lettering)
"Police" lettering (BACK) (min _____ inches)


3 inches
Badge patch
3 inches


Authorization forms for city vehicles must be submitted to _____ by _____ of each year.

Officer of the chief/ Jan 31st


Members authorized to operate a city vehicle outside of Bexar County should present the _____ and _____ office with the form at least _____ _____ days prior to departure.
Members returning from out of county travel will return vehicle to the issuing unit or on the _____ _____ day following the return.


Accounting and personnel/ 14 days
14 calendar days
First business day


Officer concern program process:
The ______ notifies the officer in writing that they are candidate
The ______ notified the officer at the date of time and their presence is required (Mandatory)
During the plan of action meeting the following people are required:

Chairperson, officer (candidate), officers ______ supervisor, officers ______ ______, board member holding the same rank as officer, if temporary reassignment then new supervisor too.


Program coordinator
Board chair person
Officers immediate supervisor
Officers division commander


Members assigned take home vehicles shall return the vehicle to the assigned unit if they are off duty for a period exceeding _____ days. Or if light duty, return to parent unit.


3 days


_____ has the sole discretion to assign vehicles below the rank of LT.




Service bars (left sleeve) and skirt measurement is...


2 inches


Members authorized to operate a city vehicle outside of Bexar County should present the _____ and _____ office with the form at least _____ days prior to departure.
Members returning from out of county travel will return vehicle to the issuing unit or on the _____ day following the return.


Accounting and personnel
14 calendar days
First business day