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Officers must check in _____ promptly after _____ _____ and

notifies dispatcher of _____ number and _____ number.

No officer will fail to respond to the dispatcher unless relieved by _____ _____.


Radio and vehicle numbers

Command Authority


The _____ _____ _____ regulations prohibit any form of indecent or unauthorized radio use.

Federal communications commission


Calls are dispatched in the following order:

  • Officer _____ to the district
  • Officer _____ a call in the district
  • Officer assigned to an _____ or _____ district
  • Officer of any rank, available for service, who may be in close proximity to the call

Officer assigned to the district

Officer completing a call in the district

Officer assigned to an adjacent or nearest district


Code _____ emergency call present a threat or _____ danger of death or serious bodily injury

(threat/need for assistance must both be _____)

Examples in GM:

_____ in progress

Fire (structure/vehicle)

_____ Alarm in progress

Child locked in vehicle

_____ rescue





Hold up alarm

High water rescue


In compliance with national incident management system (NIMS) and to be better able to communicate with other first responders, the use of radio ten codes is limited to only _____ codes.



Emergency messages needing to be delivered outside of the departments jurisdiction will be delivered by _____ from the _____ unit or _____ _____.

Teletype Communications Unit or Security Desk


The failure of an officer to verbally respond after _____ successive calls from the dispatcher initiates the failure to respond process. Notifies appropriate _____ supervisor Supervisor failing to respond after _____ calls, notification made to __/___ commander

Two Field Unit/ Shift commander


Call sequence transmission: Dispatcher will repeat any numbers in the address _____ The officer will state the following in each circumstance using _____ _____ sign: -Upon receipt of call- _____ -Upon arrival of scene-_____ -Upon completion- _____

Twice Entire call sign I copy- enroute On-scene In-service


Code _____ response will reduce the probability of a serious injury, damage or loss of property-

GM Examples:

Animal bite in progress

_____ in progress

Threats bomb device

Threats bomb in progress

_____ _____ alert


OD in progress

Shot spotter alert


Cross street information regarding an address is only given by the dispatcher in _____ and _____ calls. code 2 calls are broadcasted over the affected _____ _____ at the dispatchers discretion code 3 calls immediately broadcast simultaneously overall primary police frequencies upon reception by the dispatcher

code 2 and code 3 primary channels


Cover officer assignment:

- Assigned at the discretion of the _____, although _____ _____ may elect to request cover

- Cover officer cannot be canceled if the call involves _____, multiple _____,

or any kind of crime in _____ until the first officer arriving at the scene assesses the situation


 Primary officer

Weapons, multiple actors, or any kind of crime in progress


The communications unit, as authorized by the _____, has authority to direct _____ units.

chief of police field units.