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Officers having been issued a ____ weapon shall carry it on duty.



Officers must have their ____, ____ weapons, and ____ weapons registered with the ____ ____ ____ officer.

Handguns, shoulder weapons, intermediate weapons
Firearms proficiency control officer


Intermediate weapons which officer wants to carry and are not issued by the department must present a ____ of ____ from a department approved organization to that ____ ____ ____ or his designee.

Certificate of training
Training academy Commander


____ (also called silencers) use by officers must seek permission through the chain of command and have ____ approval from the ____ or his designee.

Written approval
Chief of Police


The armory is supervised by firearms proficiency control officer.
Access into the armory is restricted to ____ or ____
Access into our areas of the ready room is restricted to the ____ and ____ directors.

Firearms proficiency control officer
Armory personnel or training academy commander
Armory and supply office personnel and unit/shift directors


Shelter weapons are carried in the vehicle transport mode:
Shotgun- Transported with ____ empty, ____ closed, ____ on; magazine tube loaded and stored in an improved shoulder weapon case.
Extra Rounds- stock ____, side saddle, or in a ____ bag

AR-15- Transported with ____ empty, ____ closed, ____ on; magazine ____.
Along with one additional ____

Chamber empty, actually closed, safety on
Stock pouch side saddle or in a go bag

Chamber empty closed, safety on; magazine inserted
One additional 30 round magazine loaded with 28 rounds


Officers assigned to the ____ ____ unit may receive approval from their ____ ____ to carry another as a primary.

Special operations
Division commander


For casual dress code officer shall carry one primary handgun ____ on their person. For casual dress and ____ operations, officers may carry their weapon in a approved container such as a...

Covert operations
Purse, fanny pack, backpack, or briefcase


Covert/UC Ops:
- Must carry handgun either ____ or is under officers ____ ____.
- Officers who want to carry a handgun other that dept issued approval is needed from ____ in ____.
- Shoulder weapons carry needs approval by officers in ____ through the chain of command, including ____ ____, and ____
- Carrying weapon not in a holster, may be authorized in ____ by ____ or his designee (____ officer)
- ____/____ director or designee (____ officer) may authorize no weapon be carried

Concealed or is under officers immediate control
Written authorization from office of the chief of police or his designee
Written approval, including division commander and the firearms proficiency control officer
In writing by the chief of police (Supervisory)
Unit/Shift (Supervisory)


Who determines the types of firearms, ammunition, holsters, shoulder weapons that may be carried?
How does an officer appeal a handgun that is not approved by the FPCO?

trading academy commander or his designee with approval of the chief of police
written appeal to the training academy commander for review. this decision is final.


The FPCO approves firearms only after they meet the listed qualifications
- Firearm has been ____ and meets the needed ____ and ____
- Firearms ____ properly
- Officer has ____ the ____ course
- ____ has been completed and approved

Inspected and meets the needed type and caliber
Function properly
Passed the qual course


What are the five models of optional handguns?
The handguns must be:
____ to fire the dept. issued ____ ____
Trigger press weight of not ____ ____ ____ pounds
Slide and ____ must be ____ in color
No ____ ____ safety
Approved holster must have at least ____ ____ ____ device/ shoulder holster carried in ____ configuration

Glock 23/Glock 27
S&W MP 40/S&W MP 40C/ S&W MP 40 Shield
Chambered/ duty round
Less than five
Receiver/ Black
Magazine drop
One mechanical retention


Concealed/secondary or covert/undercover carry:
Double action ____- caliber designation of not less than . ____ caliber to . ____ caliber/holds least five rounds
____ ____ handgun – caliber designation not less than . ____ caliber to . ____ caliber/minimum magazine capacity of five rounds

Designated holster needed and must provide at least ____ mechanical retention. Garment providing concealment may be considered retention device.

Revolver/.38. to .45
Semi-Automatic/ .380 to .45


Shoulder weapon specs:
12- gauge pump shotgun- barrel length __-__ inches/ minimum ____ rd magazine tube/ ____of ____ matching department issued shotgun
____ have 1,2,3 pt sling
Approved by ____ or armorer

18 to 20 inches
Five round magazine tube
Manual of arms


Shoulder weapon specs:
-A.R. 15 style rifle- ____ mm/. ____ caliber only/barrel length ____ to ____ inches (with or without flash suppressor)/the continuous barrel length (____ face, with ____ closed, to the muzzle must be min ____ inches)
-Minimum two- 30 rd magazines w/ only 28 rds each loaded/ number marked on outside w/ indelible marker
-Factory unaltered trigger press of not less ____
-Must provide ____, coupler, or ____ ____ that holds one magazine

5.56 to .223/ 16 to 20 inches/ bolt face with blot closed/ min 16 inches
4 pounds
pouch/drop pouch


Magnifier- cannot exceed ____ power of maginifaction/ must have side ____ ____ system
Variable- cannot exceed ____ power of magnification/ tube of optic must be ____ in in diameter/ must have ____ ____ mounting system

Five times power/side
Four times power/30 mm/ quick detach


____ weapon must have department issue duty animation.
__-_____ ____ handguns may have non-department issued ammunition. It must be ____, ____, and ____ by the FPCO prior to carry weapon on duty or attempting to shoot any qualification course.

Not department issued
inspected, approved, and registered


Mounted weapon light must have at least ____ lumens and maybe operated with a ____ switch or ____ ____.
For handgun optic to be approved it must have an ____ red dot ____ reference.

120 Lumens
Toggle switch or pressure pad
Illuminated red dot sight reference


Any firearms found to be stolen will be impounded into the ____ ____
The FPCO (supervisor) or another supervisor will have officer write a report on how he got possession of firearm/ report is forwarded to the officers ____ ____ and the ____.
The FPCO (supervisor) or another supervisor will ensure ____ report is written. Original report is sent to ____ office and copies forwarded to ____ unit, officer ____ ____, and the ____.

Property room
Division commander and the office of the chief of police
Offense report/records office/follow up unit, officers division commander, and the office of the chief of police


____, ____, and deployment instructions for weapons shall be incorporated into training courses establish by the ____ ____ ____ and/or the ____ ____ unit.

Preparation and handling
Training academy commander
Special operations unit


____ ____ munitions are used for the purpose of safely incapacitating dangerous persons by causing ____ trauma, which is used to encourage ____ and overcome ____ with a reduced likelihood of causing death.
Department authorizes the use of a proved 12 gauge, 40 mm, and 37 mm less lethal devices
Preferred target areas or the ____, ____, ____, ____, ____
Operator should not intentionally target __/__, ____, ____, ____, ____

Less lethal munitions/ Blunt trauma/compliance and overcoming resistance
arms, shoulder, thighs, shins, and knees
head/neck, thorax, spine, groin, heart


Certification is required once every ____ year



After the ____ attempt the training academy commander contacts the office of the chief of police to place the officer on special assignment to the training academy. The officer attends a ____ hour firearms remediation course. If an officer passes on their last two attempts, they will be required to attend ____ remedial firearms training.
After the ____ attempt if an officers fails, recommendation for termination sent to the ____.

Shoulder weapon qualifications will only be allowed ____ attempts.

4th/ 16/ quarterly
6th/ Chief of police


The ____ or his designee and/or the certified firearms instructor of the ____ ____ unit will issue an officer ____ notification that they are approved to carry a shoulder weapon.

The SWAT Detail qualification is determined by the certified firearms instructor assigned to the ____ ____ unit. Approval is needed from FPCO and the ____ of the ____ ____ division.

FPCO/ Special Operations Unit/ written
SOU/Commander of the Tactical Support


Only the department ____, ____, and certified ____ staff may conduct ____, ____, or change parts.
Unauthorized changes (and qualification lapse) are reported to the ____, who reports the issue to ____, Officer of the Chief of Police, Officers ____ ____.

Armorer, FPCO, and certified range staff
Repairs, modifications, or change parts
Training Academy Commander/ IA, Officers Division Commander


Replacement OC Spray or ECD related equipment is turned into the ____, who forwards the form to ____.
Loss or theft of a firearm is reported to ____, ____ and a ____ officer.

Internal Affairs
Armorer, FPCO, supervisory officer


An officer discharging a weapon will immediately notify ____ supervisor.

An on duty supervisor