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Procedure 602-Juveniles is in accordance with title three of the Texas _____ _____, effective January 1, 1996

Texas family code


When dealing with juvenile offenders Officers shall use the _____ _____ _____ among reasonable alternatives.


Least coercive remedies


Juveniles may be ARRESTED under any of the following circumstances:
Pursuant to an order of the _____ _____
Pursuant to the laws of arrest in state/federal statute
Conduct that violates penal law or _____

Juvenile Court
City ordinances


Juveniles may be taken into _____ under the following circumstances:

To determine if juvenile is alleged have been harmed/or is in danger of being harmed
_____ offender



A child under _____ years of age who has been taken into custody for committing a crime cannot be detained for investigative purposes without permission from...


Under 10
Parent or guardian


If an interview is not granted, Juvenile is released from custody and the report is sent to the juvenile processing office and the appropriate ____ ____ unit


Follow up unit


If a juvenile is booked into Bexar county jail by mistake they are immediately released and referred to juvenile processing of:
-Certificate of birth or certified copy is presented
-____ certificate is presented, with ____ sworn affidavit certifying the ____ of ____
-Juveniles age has been previously certified


Baptismal certificate
Two sworn affidavit
Date of birth


If an adult is taken into custody for outstanding juvenile warrants where are they transported to?

Bexar County juvenile detention center


A field released from custody of a juvenile is made if the officer believes it would be in the best interest of the juvenile and...


The state of Texas


What letter is written in the upper right hand corner of a Mr. meaner citation when it is given to a juvenile?


The J


Juveniles detain from ____ to ____ on school days are return to school if a field Release is permitted.



What are the nighttime curfew hours for juveniles?




A copy of the curfew violation report for juveniles is emailed to the juvenile ____ ____ at the Municipal Court ____ ____.


Juvenile case manager at the municipal court re-engagement center


For juveniles involved in accidents resulting in death, probability of death, or SBI and there’s probable cause to believe the accident occurred because of intoxication:

Member of the ____ unit or ____ unit is dispatched to the scene
Juvenile is taken into custody for intoxication manslaughter, assault or DWI
Member of the ____ unit or ____ unit will determine the ____

– 602

Homicide unit or NCID

Homicide unit or NCID


Any type of fingerprints, photographs, statements, and all eyewitness identifications are permitted only when the juvenile has returned to....


Juvenile processing office


When juveniles cannot be returned to a responsible adult and there is no arrest they are to be released to:

Juvenile __ years of age or under – children’s shelter
Juveniles ___ years of age or older – Centro Ceguro



12 years of age or under
11 years of age or older


Reports of cruelty to animal require ____ ____ to initially investigative the alleged offense.


Uniformed officers


In substantiated cases of animal cruelty officers will request an animal ____ ____ from animal care services department to respond to the scene and take over the investigation.


animal cruelty specialist


Officer may destroy an animal when he or another person is placed in ____ ____ of bodily harm.


immediate danger


____ will pick up dead rabid animals while all other carcasses are picky up by ____ ____.


Public works


Burglary or robbery alarm calls where a point of entry has been located or a call for open doors or windows:
-Officer immediately notifies the ____
-Takes the most tactically advantageous position until covert arrives
-Requests ____
-Building search is made if none is available
-Unless ____ ____ no officer will enter alone in a building suspected of burglary


Exigent Circumstances


Texas Department of family and protective services has the primary responsibility for providing necessary treatment for ____ or ____ person suffering from neglect/abuse.
Reports are to the department with "____" marked


Disabled or elderly


All custodial arrests for ____ ____ must be approved by a supervisory officer prior to booking the prisoner.


Disorderly conduct


Any person who is under the influence of alcohol or any other substance and who is also ____, threatens to be ____ or has been involved in a disturbance is arrested for ____ ____.


Violent or threatens to be violent
Disorderly conduct


____ alarms: no immediate threats of bodily injury
Consists of gas, trash container, ____ fires
____ alarms: Pose a threat of bodily injury or property loss
Concerns of residential fires, other structural fires, ____ or ____ alarm fires requiring additional units



2nd or 3rd


A regular alarm when initiated through the communication unit, officer proceeds to the scene of the fire as a ____ emergency call


Code two

**Proc 403 has fire (structure/vehicle) as a code 3 response
**Proc 605 has vehicle fire as a still alarm and a structure fire as a regular alarm- code two only


At fires officers perform the duties until relieved by a supervisory officer or until the ____ ____ have been cleared from the ____.


Fire hoses


Officers possessing information on criminal offenses shall write a report with the SAPD case number and forward the original report to ____ office with a copy sent to the ____ unit.


Follow up


Police emergency situations and ____ in ____ shall immediately be reported to the police ____ by the officer possessing the information.


Crimes in progress


Party, gathering, or event shall mean a group of ____ or more persons who have assembled or are assembling in any manner so as to create a substantial disturbance.

The responsible person receiving a citation for a noise ordinance will be listed under code ____ for manager/owner.

Officers will route noise ordinance citation reports to the ____ ____.


Alarm Unit