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Only ____ ____ will be authorized to view and document concealed injuries on female victims.

Female officers


If a victim scores ____ or greater on the threat assembly the officer ____ call the Family violence and prevention services office (a.k.a. battered women’s and children’s shelter.)



Officer shall provide victims with a completed “notice to adult victims of family violence” form and should always refer the victim to CRT or SVU. If the victim has not heard from SVU within ____ days, they should contact the SVU office.



Juvenile victims being transported to an alternate location can be transported with any individual having any ____ ____.

Familial relationships


Officer should encourage the voluntary surrender of any firearm at the scene and impound the firearm as ____ ____.

Personal property


If a warrant has been obtained for an actor for a FELONY offense, the crisis response team will first notify the special victims unit or NCID ____ so a detective can be assigned to the follow up investigation.

All documents with be sent to follow up unit for inclusion in the case filing paperwork to ____ ____ office.

District attorney


Detectives should have the victim sign a ______ ______ form for the time the abuse occurred and the medical treatment was provided.

All felony family violence cases will be assigned to a detective for follow up.

Medical release form


Officers will ascertain the ______ of where the suspected child abuse occurred and relay the information to a follow up unit so the crime scene can be ______ and ______.

Secured and processed


Officers will notify the Texas Department of ______ and ______ services by:
Calling the designated child abuse state wide intake hotline number for law-enforcement
Make an online report
Fax a copy to the intake office

Officers document the reference number provided

Department of Protective and regulatory services


Officers who determine that force used during discipline on a child was ______, resulted in serious bodily injury, or if serious bodily injury is likely, shall contact a ______ and the appropriate follow up unit.



SVU or NCID will respond on all ______ to ______ w/ SBI cases

Injury to child


How many officers should be dispatched on family disturbances and family/dating violence calls?

Two officers


If both parties on a call ask officers to leave, the officers will do so; unless the officers have ______ ______ to believe their presence is necessary to prevent family violence or to affect an ______

Probable cause


If officers are refused entry into a location officer should attempt to locate an interview any ______-______ who may be a witness to the dispute and ascertain the ______ of the ______.

Degree of disturbance


If officers have probable cause to believe police intervention is necessary to prevent family violence, the officer should contact their ______ and move to ______ ______ and observe the premise while waiting.

Public property


During relocation to parties involved in a disturbance officers may provide courtesy rides to a local shelter, hotel or an alternate a safe location. Officers shall notify the ______ over the radio of the projected location and beginning and ending mileage.


No supervisor stated for the courtesy ride in this case


If a victim is requesting counseling/assistance or filing criminal complaints/obtaining protective orders
officers shall refer them to the SAPD ______ ______ office and or the family Justice Center

Chronic alcoholism-
Party- referred to medical counsel or a ______ ______ agency
Complainant- referred to legal counsel Regarding the filing of an ______ ______ ______

SAPD victim advocacy office
Social service

alcoholic commitment petition


Officers may affect an arrest, even when The threat occurs outside of the officers presence or view in what kind of case?

When physical injury is threatened against a child but has not been Inflicted


Officers may Affect interest to prevent threaten violence, provided the threat occurs in the officers ______ or ______.

Presence or view


If a warrant is to be obtained for a family violence offense; ____ or the Night CID unit will prepare all felony warrants and ____ detectives will prepare all misdemeanor warrants.



During family disturbances who will be notified when a felony arrest is made when there is suspicion of an offense involving a child victim?

SVU or NCID is immediately notified prior to release any witnesses complaining or transporting of the SP


What are the SVU units hours?




What units does the special victims unit provide family violence training to?

Police service agents, crisis response teams and crime scene unit investigators


Strangulation victims should be advised to seek medical attention as needed due to symptoms can occur up to ____ hour after the incident.

36 hours


The highest ranking ____ ____ to respond to the scene of a family violence call involving a sworn member shall be the approving authority for any ____ ____.

Command officer
Custodial arrest


-members involved in ____ ____ incidents- internal affairs shall conduct an ____ ____ to determine if there are disciplinary issues that need to be addressed to the CARB.

-members involved in ____/____ violence incidents- internal affairs shall conduct a thorough ____ of incident and report their findings to the CARB.

family disturbance
administrative review

family/dating violence


any officer who becomes a suspect in Class C misdemeanor family violence case shall notify their ____ ____ in ____ as soon as possible.

any officer who is ____ or ____ in a Class C misdemeanor family violence case shall notify the ____ in writing.

Immediate supervisor

charged/ arrested
Office of the Chief


Officers who become the subject of a protective order or condition of bond in a family violence case (or has had a previous conviction) shall immediately notify a ____ officer , who will ensure the officer is placed on ____ ____ pending further investigation.

supervisory officer
administrative duty


Officers convicted of a Class C crime of family violence shall ____ their duty weapon to their ____ ____ or ____.

Immediate supervisor
any other available supervisor


Class C assault- family violence cases can be filed at the Municipal Court building and victims are advised to contact the ____ ____ court ____ Office.

Domestic Violence Court Prosecutors Office