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Officers conduct a ____ ____ using questions on form DWI case report, to develop further ____ ____.

Field interview
Probable Cause


When stopping a violator, the officer positions the police vehicle approximately ____ ____ lengths behind the suspect vehicle in order to create a ____ ____ of ____ for mobile video recording.

Two car lengths
Proper arena of performance


Optimal lighting:
Should be used-____ ____ and ____ ____
Should be used for safety- ____ ____, ____ ____ and back strobe lights
Should not be used- ____ and ____ ____

Take downs/ Low beams
High beam, spotlights
Wig wags and front strobes


Any intoxicants and evidence found in the vehicle, ____ be brought in view of the camera and should be ____.



If a juvenile has an alcohol concentration of less than .08 attempts are made to contact parent/guardian. ____ hour is given for arrival.
If there is no one to take custody of a juvenile they are transported to the ____ ____ services office.

One hour
Youth crimes service office


Juvenile DWI
Arresting officer shall promptly give notice of his action to
– Juveniles parents, guardian, or custodian;
– Youth Processing office
Within ____ hour by ____ unit or himself

One hour
Communications Unit


Officers shall alert the ____ operator and the ____ ____ personnel to clear the DWI testing room when transporting juvenile DWI suspects for testing.
The ____ ____ will be read on camera and record the juveniles ____.

Intoxilyzer operator
Detention center personnel
statutory warning answer


Only person on authorized police business or persons with the expressed permission of the ____ are allowed in the dwi testing room at the city of san antonio detention center while test are being administered.

Chief of Police


A qualified Intoxilyzer/video operator is assigned to the DWI testing room every day from ____ to ____.

2000 to 0600


Portable breath test will only be used for ____, ____ ____ vehicle drivers, and injured/ disabled drivers who cannot preform SFSTs.

Commercial Motor Vehicle


For a blood drawl, two- 10 ml grey topped vials . Each containing __-__ ml of suspects blood.
Each vial contains 100 mg of ____ ____ and 20 mg of ____ ____.

Sodium Fluoride and Potassium Oxalate


Accidents involving death/SBI to another with probable cause of driver being intoxicated-
-Blood test will be taken (voluntary or warrant)
-____ investigator is called to the scene
If SP is unconscious, DIC-24 is still read and blood will be taken under ____ ____.

Implied consent


All blood collection kits will be reviewed by a ____ ____ attendant to ensure forms are completely and correctly filled out.

Property room attendant


Coban video is recorded when video was not available at the scene, when conducting a ____, or when reading the DIC- 24 to juveniles.



The videotape strives to show whether or not the suspect has normal use of his ____ and ____ faculties. It can include
Field sobriety test
Any alternative sobriety test
An ____

Mental and Physical


An attempt to contact the DRE will be made by the ____ unit. If there is not one available or if the DRE is unable to respond to the DWI testing room within ____ hour, the suspect will be videotaped in a regular manner.

Communications unit
One hour


All DRE evaluations will be conducted on video and will begin at ____ test, step ____ on the Texas DRE evaluation form.



For a urine specimen the DRE will be responsible for collection of the specimen and will fill out the request forms for chemical testing at the ____ ____ office.
For blood sample requested by a DRE, the DRE will fill out all paperwork and kit, and will give it to the ____ officer.

Medical examiners
Arresting Officer


When suspects are not booked and charges need to be filed against them by an investigator copies of all applicable DWI related reports are routed to the ____ ____ detail

Traffic investigation detail


-____ ____ section commander- ensure 24 hour coverage of intox/ video operators
-____ Unit Supervisor- collects all DWI/DUI reports and routes them to TID
- Traffic Operations Section- maintains ____ readiness for all equipment and monitors testing room
- Intox/video operator- administer, records, produces proper breath test and Coban video
- Service Area and Traffic Shift directors- maintain and document ____ ____ testers

Special Enforcement Section Commander
Portable Breath