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Who can re-classify a critical incident?


Incident commander


What are the four techniques utilized in a critical incident so a non-volatile resolution is the end result?


Contain isolate stabilize and negotiate


Any officer involved in a critical incident or other high risk situation _____ wear the _____ _____ that is available to each officer


Body armor


For critical incidents, officer should contain the incident within the _____ possible area.




For unusual occurrences responding officers request assignment position from the _____ unit.


communications unit


_____ _____ detail respond to critical incidents with the goal and responsibility of preserving life by obtaining a mutually acceptable solution to the matter


Crisis negotiator detail


_____ detail is officers from the special operations unit are responsible for the preparation and exercise of contact for functions


Swat detail


_____ detail is trained and handling police canines,
They may function as an element of the SWAT detail


K-9 detail


_____ _____ is trained in a handling and disposition of explosive devices, who respond on the request by a SUPERVISORY officer to critical incidents involving a lethal threat
They may function as an element of the SWAT detail.


Bomb squad


_____ _____ unit is responsible for providing crowd control during planned events or spontaneous civil disturbances, initial containment and security of a critical incident and initial response during an active shooter incident.


Tactical response unit


Officer should record the _____ _____ and _____ for persons evacuated and persons who choose to remain in their homes or businesses during voluntary evacuations in critical incidents.


names address in ages


UCP is implemented when hazardous material is present in order to successfully ____, ____, ____, recover and repatriate an affected area when necessary.


Plan, prepare, respond, recover and repatriate


De-escalation of unusual occurrence:
Phase 1- relief of personnel assigned under the ____ ____ phase and continues on into a traffic section is a sign
Phase 2-____ hour shifts utilizing traffic
Phase 3- normal operations are restored


Last mobilization phase
Phase 2-eight hour shifts utilizing traffic
8 hour


The emergency operation center of the city of San Antonio is the primary conduit for all ________ ____ ____.


Homeland Security alerts


The ________ will be notified and take command of all departmental operations in a terrorist attack.


chief of police


Any information received regarding possible terrorist activities shall immediately be relayed to the ____ of the ____ ____ section, or his designee.


commander of the homeland security section


Who implements the appropriate threat level during normal hours and after normal business hours?


Chief of Police
Night Commander or DC designated as the duty officer


Chief will designate units who respond to terrorist attacks, ____ ____ Division officers are the primary.


Tactical Support Division


The special operations unit or a traffic shift officers will be just as dispatch first to make an initial assessment of a suspicious letter or package OR if not available officer and supervisor:

-Unopened letter- letter is put in baggies and throw letter away- OFFICER
-Opened letter or unopened letter w/ with some indication of hazmat material- ____
-Suspicious Package- Bomb Squad and Arson
-Open package or closed w/ residue- ____, ____ ____ and ____


Special operations
HAZMAT, Bomb squad and Arson


All officers involved in an active shooter incident ____ wear body armor available to them and attempt to make use of specialized equipment.




The ____ ____ point is a designated location within the ____ ____ with security measures allowing assemblage of nearby casualties needing medical care


Casualty collection point
Warm zone


The ____ ____ is a group of __-__ officers who move in a coordinated effort into the ____ zone to address a threat.


Contact team
2 to 5
Hot zone


The ____ ____ post is a specified tactical location within the ____ ____ identified and established by a supervisor


Forward command post
Warm zone


_____ _____ _____ is a team compromised of no more than _____ first responders (per fire/EMS number) that employees in the warm zone to provide immediate medical care and evacuation.
The are deployed by the _____ _____ post supervisor and their team leader will be a law enforcement officer.


Rescue task force
eight first responders
Forward Command


The goals of an active shooter incident is:
Stop the threat
Secure the _____ _____
Treated injured/wounded
Use _____ _____ _____
Secure the crime scene


immediate area
rescue task force


The response to a hostage situation is:


Call special ops
Create a plan of action


Who response to an active shooter incident?


All available offer officers from the affected service area and ADJACENT service areas


The primary objective of every responding officer is to _____, _____, or _____ the actions of an active shooter.


isolate, distract, or neutralize


The contact is basic principles are:
Stay together
Provide _____ ° cover
_____ the _____
Threshold evaluation
Speed of movement


Work the angles


First supervisor arriving at active shooter is _____ _____ post supervisor.
Second supervisor is _____ _____.


Forward Command
Incident Commander