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What is the most common cause of red eye?



non-pharms for red eye

-stop wearing contacts until problem is resolved
-avoid irritants (smoke, make up, wind)
-cold compresses for allergic or viral conjunctivitis
-warm compresses for blepharitis/styes, chalazion
-lid hygiene for blepharitis


Treatment for viral conjunctivitis

cold compresses and ocular lubricants may be used


Treatment for bacterial conjunctivitis

broad spectrum antibiotics are usually not required but may result in a modest shortening of recovery time


Whether conjunctivitis is treated or not, if no improvement in ____ days then refer

3-5 days


When should you reserve ophthalmic vasoconstrictors for?

occasional and short-term use (<3-4 times/month and < 3 days in a row) for relief of symptoms such as redness, edema or minor eye irritation


What can overuse of ophthalmic vasoconstrictors cause?

may cause rebound hyperemia (excess of blood in vessels)

*basically rebound red eye

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