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Importance of the early sessions


The first few sessions (3-7 sessions) are momentous. Changes coming about during the first sessions are decisive in regard to the outcome of the therapy.
a. 65% of the patients show a measurable improvement by the 7th session.

b. When no improvement is reached in the beginning or the condition deteriorates by the third session, half of the patients quit therapy before time, or report the treatment to be ineffective at the end of the course.
c. Consequently, when no improvement is made at the early stages, then case conceptualization must be recommenced, and the treatment needs to be adjusted to the needs of the patient.


What are the indicators of success


 Number of symptoms decreases and/or abilities to tolerate (tolerance) effects of symptoms increases
 Adaptive capacities increase
 Consideration Insight increases
 Basic conflicts, patterns are solved, or become treatable

considerable improvements has taken place in achieving the treatment goals

the patient is able to practise the skills they acquired during the therapy in solving their problems

changes can be experienced in the central relationship patterns of the patient


Main steps of the conclusion the therapy:


 Suggest the opportunity for concluding the therapy (preferably, conclusion should not take place in the session when the idea emerges)
 Discuss the date of the last session
 Strengthen the skills and lessons learned by the patient throughout the therapy
 Prepare the patient for the prevention of possible relapses