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chronic somatic complaints (pains, discomfort, vegetative functional disorders) that have no somatic illnesses or functional disorder behind them,

or if there is an existent organic problem or lesion, that in itself does not justify the gravity of the complaint.

Cause actual suffering and functional disorder, and patient feels helpless to stop them.

Increased self monitoring and seeking/looking for symptoms.

Increasingly passive/worried lifestyle.



  1. Communication that renders the possible contribution of psychological factors (e.g. stress) in the somatic complaints acceptable right from the very beginning.

Emphasize that somatic complaints without a somatic lesion are common occurrences

  1. Reassurance and the explanation of the results of the examinations
    explain to him using commonplace examples, how the somatic occurrences might be connected with psychological ones - pain in the neck.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy
Stress management,
Relaxation techniques

Support returning to regular activities.

Try to reduce/restructure their catastrophic thinking.
Change disease centered thinking to health centered.

Avoid medicinal pain control due to addiction.