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Indications in the DSMIV


Psychiatric diseases and other conditions worthy of clinical attention

Personality disorder, mental retardation

Somatic conditions

Psychosocial and social environmental problems

Comprehensive summary of functioning


3 phases of psychotherapy


The first phase begins with the first meeting and ends by signing a therapy contract. The main task of the first phase is to assess the necessity of psychotherapy, and to find the appropriate type of therapy.

The second phase starts after signing the therapy contract and lasts until starting the conclusion of the therapy.

The third phase is the conclusion of psychotherapy. We start it after reaching the desired result, or when the therapy proves to be unsuccessful. The conclusion of the therapy is preparation for the prevention of relapse, as well.


dropout rate


15-17% of the patients do not go to the first session, and further 26-30% drop out after the first or second session. The discussion of the patient’s ambivalent feelings about therapy can help them a lot in making a decision.