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The characteristics of the problematic/risk drinkers are the following:

  1. Consuming a large amount of alcohol on a daily basis or drinking occasionally but recurrently until intoxicated
  2. Alcohol consumption causes physical and/or mental problems
  3. Alcohol consumption causes workplace, domestic and relationship problems.
  4. With a certain proportion of problem drinkers an alcohol addiction evolves later on.

Short intervention


The aim of Short Intervention is the screening of risk and problem drinkers, and arousing motivation to change, with the motivational interview


Motivational interview

  1. We should behave empathetically, and try to understand the points of view of the patient
  2. We should help the patient to recognize the discrepancy between his future aims and current behavior
  3. We should avoid argument, because goading and arguing intensifies the resistance of the patient
  4. In case of resistance we should change strategy and find solutions
  5. We should maintain the feeling of self-efficacy in the patient: as soon as he recognises the problem and offer solution options, we should express our optimism and our faith in change

Techniques used in the psychotherapy of addictions.

  1. behavioral therapeutic methods
  2. cognitive therapy methods  to identify the dysfunctional attitudes and negative automatic thoughts that are in the background of unwanted behaviour or an emotional state.
  3. dynamically oriented psychotherapy