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From the notes activity how do you open note writer

Click the arrow next to Notes choose note template. Click one of the buttons that appear at the top of notes ( like HPI)


How can Dr. Mike take it to PE form where he can do more detailed documentation in note writer

Click on the tab below. The sub tabs


After you click the plus in NoteWriter you can change it to a minus



If you cannot find an appropriate HPI form, what smart tools can you use to supplement your notes HPI and where do you to that

Hughes smart phrases and smart text in the notes activity


In the NoteWriter , besides clicking on the plus symbol, how can you mark a button positive

Cursor over the button, left click


In my note template, when I try to type on the orange part that says HPI, nothing happens. How can I edit that text?

Go to the HPI form in that writer and make choices (and enter comments) there


Diagnosis on the problem list not associated with orders for billing



I'll visit diagnosis for chronic issues should be added to the patient's problem list

False (it is the clinicians decision whether to add a problem)


If something is on the patient problem list and it's no longer an ongoing issue what should be done with this problem diagnosis

Market as resolved


Where do you document the administration details for a facility administered medication?

On the Mar activity


What is one example of why you at a charge in charge capture

To charge for administration of the vaccine or medication


The Mar is found under more activities