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The nurse gets an in basket message asking that she call back Greg. What is one reason to open a telephone encounter the of the in basket toolbar instead of the hyperspace Tool bar?

You don't have to look the patient up if you answer from the in basket


Telephone encounters with a reason for call of medication refill around it to the RX response folder of the recipient

False Rx request


If you're patient calls in the morning and then calls again later should you open a new telephone encounter and why

No you should use the same encounter because it was contained all pertinent issues


The receptionist send the patient Callbeck message to the nurse how can the nurse incorporate that message into the telephone encounter she creates

When the nurse opens the telephone encounter in the in basket toolbar, click yes at the prompt to copy the message into documentation


You get an RX response message only if the physician refuses to sign a prescription



To route an RX request message to the physician, you must exit the workspace



Create a telephone encounter but have to leave it halfway through what's the fastest way for you to find the encounter later

Open encounters


If the patient's home phone number doesn't match the number on the button if you manually enter it do you also need to update the demographics activity

You do not have to update demographics because when you accept the contact the system will ask if you want to save the number


To create a patient Callbeck message click the arrow next to new message and select from the menu



Document a result based phone call in a result note instead of a phone encounter