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If you type .name in the comments field for the reason for visit, why doesn't the patients name appear?

Smart links only work and smart tool enabled fields and comments field isn't smart tool enabled


True false: if I use a SmartLink for allergies and my progress notes, it will automatically refresh if anyone updates my patients allergies during the visit.



Describe one way and administrator can see which smart text use a particular smart list

In the smart list record lookup used by tab


When testing a patient instruction smart text, it isn't in the lookup list for patient instructions. Give one possible reason for this.

The wrong functional type was used


Name one smart tool often used with smart text

Smart list


In the following list of symptoms, explain how mutually exclusive groups could be applied: oriented, disoriented, well hydrated,***

Oriented and disoriented could be assigned to different groups so they can't be selected together. However, and oriented or disoriented person could also be well hydrated are***, so well hydrated and the wildcard should not be assigned any group.


Can smart phrases contain smart lists?



Which smart tool can you something using the.: smart list, smart text, or SmartLink?

Smart link


You name a smart list record, " DESC; appearance"" Will the end-user see any words in the braces (display text)? Explain.

Yes, if the administrator does not enter a display text, then the record name is copied as the display text


I can't remember the name of a smart phrase I want to use. How would I look it up while in the patient instructions section?

One possible answer: click the list my phrases Butler button


Define a smart text

Smart text our blocks of text used to reduce documentation time. Think of progress notes. But they may be used for instructions, letters.