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Dr. Mika is attempting to run a report and has been waiting for four minutes. Explain one reason why that might be happening

To look back. May be very long, so it has to evaluate a lot of patients


True or false: after you run a report, you can't run it again until one week from today



When viewing report results, what is one action you can take for a group of selected patients

Send them a MyChart message


Dr. graphite ran a report of "my diabetic patients quote and the report list 100 patients. Dr. graphite wants to send a letter only to those who don't use my chart. What can Dr. graphite due to narrow this population based on who does not use my chart?

Apply a filter


An administrator locates a report that is similar to the one that he is been asked to create he opens the report, does some editing, and click save. What is the impact of doing that

The administrator did not create a new report, he just edited and existing report.