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In synopsis, Dr. iron sets of the patient spotlight of certain labs medications and wait for Susan.

Dr. iron ca add items from other synopsis used to this spotlight


Susan is a diabetic patient, and has had numerous visits from Dr. iron her diabetes care. To find out how many visits Susan has had in which a diagnosis was diabetes related, and chart review what should Dr. iron do?

Chart Review encounters tab filter on diagnosis


List a couple of reasons for creating a visit speed button

A user could name the button for urinary track infection simply UTI

A user can edit a button by clicking the ranch in the visit info section


Dr. Mika performed an in office procedure and used a smart phrase to write a note about it. What else must Dr. Mika do to get paid for the procedure

File a charge in the church capture window


Patient tells the nurse she takes calcium tablet every day.
True or false. the nurse should document this information in the medications section



The nurses adding patient reported calcium to the medication area should she enter the provider?



After entering a patient reported medication the icon next to it will be a house?