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What are some items and nurse would do?

Enter height and weight
Review allergies
Document immunizations
Review medications
Document any point of care transaction results


What are some things a provider would do in the chart?

Review what was entered by a nurse
Review allergies
Review any surgery and family history
I progress that's
Update the problem last
Place orders and prescriptions
Right patient instructions
Document level of service and billing codes
Examine an interview the patient


The epic term for one visit for example office phone is called what?

An encounter


What is the keyboard commands to navigate the chart

F8 to navigate


Press tab to…

Used instead of enter to quickly move to the next field


The nurse typically use this medication section while rooming their patient.
Can you add a pharmacy in this section?

Yes adding a pharmacy in the medication section is where nurses document


Well the medication section show archived medications?

No the medication section only shows current medications not discontinue are expired these are seen in chart review and synopsis or the medications and order section


Do you enter provider in patient reported medications?

No as long as you leave it empty historic call provider will be documented automatically


Why is it important to Mark medications long-term?

Long-term is considered to be current medication even after it's in the day passes to allow for crosschecking drug interactions these can be marked with a red pen


When placing an order and the purple square signifies what?

Future order


When placing an order two small separate circles signify what?

The order has not been associated with the diagnosis


What is EnROL?

This allows matching completion on multiple words you must use a space between each


What is a summary sentence?

Beneath appended order is a blue hyperlink that is a subset of details


What is the order composer?

This is a box of details for that order to open it click the name of the pended order are the summary sentence beneath it


What is an authorizing provider

The person who is legally responsible for the orders. An ordering user can be a nurse or an intern are the physicians assistant


Where do you release a child order. A child order is an open order for future and standing orders

Release the order in order review activity. Access it via more activities -> order review


Can you remove an order after it's been signed?

No you have to formally cancel it and give a reason


Allergies with a yellow background signify severity high true or false



what displays if patient has never been asked about allergies?

Unknown:Not on file


If allergies or previously entered and then deleted what messages is displayed?

No active allergies


To release a standing order
Go to more activities at the bottom of the screen
Select order review
Select order and then release