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Definition of exposure/sharps injury (4)

Needles of sharp objects that are contaminated with blood/bodily fluids that pierce/break the skin
Splashing of blood/bodily fluids onto skin that is broken
Contamination of eyes, nose, mouth with blood/bodily fluids
Human bite that breaks the skin


Types of bodily fluids (3)

Blood, bodily fluids containing blood
Semen/vaginal secretions
Potentially infectious - CSF, synovial fluid, peritoneal fluid, pericardial fluid, amniotic fluid


Definition of significant exposure

When a needle/sharp object that is contaminated with blood/bodily fluids (from a source patient infected with a BBV) that pierces/breaks the skin


Prevention of sharp injuries/acquiring a BBV (3)

Hand hygiene after patient contact
Safe disposal of waste (inc. sharps)
(Safety devices/safer sharps
Minimal manipulation of sharp instruments and devices)


Primary protocol for sharps injury (5)

Be sharps AWARE
Apply pressure and allow to bleed
Wash, don't scrub with soap and water
Assess type of injury (depth, penetration)
Risk of source blood (does patient have BBV)
Establish contact (senior staff, OH, patient, accident book)


Secondary protocol for sharps injury (3)

Baseline bloods from patient and HCW
Initiate PEP for unvaccinated/non-responders to HBV/HIV
Recheck after 12wks after PEP stopped


PEP for HBV (2)

Unvaccinated - HBIG x1, HBV vaccine series
Non-responder - HBIG x1, HBV booster vaccine


PEP for HIV (3)

Anti-retroviral medication
Start ASAP
Side effects - headaches, fever, nausea


Definition of exposure prone procedure

Invasive procedure where there is a risk that the injury to the worker may result in the exposure of the patient's open tissues to the blood of the worker


Examples of exposure prone procedure (2)

When HCW gloves may be in contact with sharp instruments, needle tips or sharp tissues (open body cavity, wound, confined anatomical space)
Where hand/fingertips are not always visible