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What are biotic recourses?

Living resourses obtained from the biosphere


What are abiotic recourses?

Not living resources that are obtained from the lithosphere


What are renewable resources?

Resources that are potentially inexhaustible and will never run out


What are non renewable rescourses

Recourses that cannot be remade because it would take millions of years


Why could oil consumption lead to conflict?

It is it high demand and is finite to will run out soon


What are the advantages of wind energy?

Low cost
Fast growing resource
Accounts for 3% of global energy


What are the disadvantages of wind energy?

Offshore wind farms require expensive transmission lines


What are the advantages of coal?

It is cheap
Coal is universally used around the world allready so there isn't a start up cost for producing energy


What are the disadvantages of coal?

Coal forms co2 when burned and leads to global warming
Mining impacts the surrounding area


What is an energy mix?

The proportion of different energy sources used by a country


Why is India's energy demand high in coal?

It has to supply energy to 1.2 billion people and it has huge coal fields and oil reserves


Why does Iceland use geothermal energy?

It only has a population of 320,000 people and doesn't have any foossik fulesm importing them is expensive so it uses geothermal energy instead


How are tar sands in Canada being exploited?

Extracting oil from the ground using natural gas


What is the impact of tar sands in Canada being exploited?

Broken pipelines leave humans exposed to hard chemicals

Large volumes of water are wasted

Vegetation has to be cleared which causes causes abloss if habitats


What is fracking? UK

Drilling down into shale rocks and then injecting fracking fluid to extract natural gas


What are the impacts of fracking?

Cheaper fuel
Subsidence in houses
It creates lots of dirty freshwater which can damage ecosystems


What is nuclear energy?

Power plants produce heat which drives turbines and produces electrical energy


What are the impacts of nuclear energy?

Change of natural disasters like Chernobyl or fukushima

Waste products are highly reactive and need to be stored for many many years which is expensive