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Which areas did typhoon Haiyan hit?

The Philippines in general on November 2nd 2013 (specifically the islands of Leyte and Samar)


What were some social impacts of typhoon Haiyan?

•an estimated 6,000 people killed and many more missing
•significant loss of power
•600,000 people lost or moved out of their homes
•many homes left destroyed


What are some Economic impacts of typhoon Haiyan?

•estimated damage $2 billion
•disruption to Infrastructure blocked transport, making provision of aid &a support difficult and expensive


What are some environmental affects from typhoon Haiyan?

•mangroves damaged across the island
•trees uprooted
•oil spills from a tanker caused by sea pollution


Is the Philippines a developed, under-developed or emerging country? Does this affect the recovery system?

The Philippines is an under-developed country/emerging meaning the recovery system wasn't as strong as that of the U.S's


What are some individual responses to typhoon Haiyan?

People in countries such as the UK and Canada donated money.


What are some organisational responses to typhoon Haiyan?

The 'world health organisation' coordinated the international response to help the Philippine government meet the demand for health care.


What are some government responses to typhoon Haiyan?

Philippines were put in a 'state of national calamity' to help raise funds to support the aftermath. Aid was provided from countries such as the UK, which gave £10 million package including emergency shelter, water & household items.