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Brief bio?

- born in New York 1908
- interest in psychology and human development
- in late 1960s, developed his theory of social development as 'hierarchy of human needs"


What is his theory?

believed there are basic human needs which must be met before they can be concerned by other needs and move onto next stage.
the hierarchy demonstrates typical prgression for those fortunate to be freed of over-concern in meeting basic human needs.


What does his theory begin with?

begins with basic physiological needs (e.g. food, drink, shelter), through more sophisticated needs like those to be loved and accepted, to ultimate human need which he described as 'self-actualisation-> point where person know self and is in command of self. should be goal and ideal for all to strive for.


Why do basic needs need to be continually satisfied first?

to spend time and effort on satisfaction of other needs like personal growth and development


What happens as you move up ladder?

role of learning becomes more important to become more adaptable to changes in enviro.
satisfying the different levels of need contribute in varying degrees to survival of indivi. More basic needs, have more drastic effect on indiv.


What is needed at infancy?

meeting biological needs (satisfy hunger, thirst, shelter)



feeling safe and secure (feel out of danger, physically safe, basic sense of emotional security)


late childhood and early adolescence?

feeling love and sense of belonging (to affiliate with others, give/receive affection, to be accepted and belong)


adolescence and adulthood

self esteem needs, feeling good about self ( to achieve, be competent, gain approval and recognition from peers)


Mature adulthood

need for self-actualisation (to fulfil ones unique potential, to feel satisfied with who you are)


what does being self actualised mean?

those self actualised, according to Maslow, are those that have been able to satisfy all their needs in order to fulfil themselves and confident with identity.


what are the struggles one can face in trying to move up?

for some ppl, upward progression becomes difficult as struggle to satisfy lower level needs consistently

behaviour becomes fixed at certain level and brings personal wary or feelings of inadequacy that stop them growing and developing as human beings.