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what is rites of passage? in other societies ?

term used to describe ceremonies acknowledged by society that makes transition from one level of status in society to another.

traditions varies greatly from westernised society to traditional societies


what are the commonalities?

all S+C take note of major events of life time such as birth, puberty, marriage and death with system of rituals.


What is the effect of rites of passage?

- times of strain on indivi. going through transitions and on those who are emotionally close
- provide consolation (nurturing) other give guidance and instruction to help indiv. cope with new role, e.g. manhood.


what are they based on?

religious beliefs or cultural.


what does rite of passage signify and how is it celebrated?

- signifies new identity/status. Each stage reached mean diff rights and responsibilities, e.g. drivers licence, workforce, voting, parent

traditional societies: include ceremonial acknowledgment of physical change ( girl menstruation and boy puberty)

western societies: changed over time, from involving whole community to becoming more personal. Adolescence period of 'status ambiguity' -> no clearly defined status in society


what are the 3 stages of ROP?? and example of this in aus?

1. Separation - removed from society
2. transition - status unclear
3. reincorporation - accepted back into society with new status.

separation from family
transition: avoid all adult responsibilities
reincorporate back into family with diff status and ready to participate in adult world


what is the sexuality ROP?

societal ROP mentioned, recognised wither formally or informally by society
but, films like American Pie if believed, loss of virginity major rite of passage.
only at purely personal level


What effect does ethnicity have on coming of age

- live in 2 cultures, "front door syndrome" resulting in confusion to assimilate parents cultural requirements as well as those live in.
- can have negative impact on adolescents identity and sense of place in mainstream aus culture.