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What does adolescence mean?

-meaning of it depends on society in which is being used. = social contruct
- considered a 'social construct' as word invented to describe transitional period between childhood and adulthood, usually spanning 6-10 years. time when developmental changes occur.
- doesn't exist in all societies.
- recent term

many societies where word doesn't exist as concept doesn't exist


Where is the term mostly recognisable? Why?

- in westernised societies such as aus, britain, US as have a very diff course of development to other S+Cs.
- dont have cope with responsibilities of finding sufficient food to survive, guaranteeing shelter daily, or being responsible for physical survival of family units.


What is seen as the step towards adulthood in westernised societies?

- employments, part time jobs seen as gradual stepping stone towards adulthood.


What is adolescence in other cultures?

- young ppl in Asia, Africa or Latin American countries
- education not guaranteed = only available to wealthy
- child labour common
- life on street commonplace reality
- concept of having time out to develop interests and identity incomprehensible to ppl in situation