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Overall what happens in this scene?

Henry Boilingbroke charges Thomas Mobray with treason and Richard appoints a day for the case to be settled by combat.


What does this scene open up with?

Richard fulfilling the monarch's most important function, dispensing justice.


What 3 things does Henry charge Thomas Mobray with?

Mowbray misused for his own advantage money given him by the king,
Responsible for all the plots against the king during the past 18 years.
He is guilty of murdering Richard and Henry's uncle - Thomas of Woodstock.


What does Thomas Mowbay say in return?

He denies the charges.
Accuses Henry Bolingbroke of treason.


How does the drama begin in this scene?

By presenting Richard in his full royal majesty.
Theatrically, there would be a full presentation of a court room making it a spectacular opening to play.


In this scene how does Richard conduct himself as befits a king?

Speaks royally.
Claims to be impartial.
Seems to be anxious to restore peace and goodwill.


How is Richard not quite right for king?

The Shakespeare audience would know that Richard ordered Mowbray to kill Gloucester.
If Henry knows of Mowbrays guilt then he may well know of Richard's.


How is it apparent that Henry may know of Richard's guilt in killing Gloucester?

He refers to a biblical murder of Abel.
He was slain by his close kinsman Cain, as Gloucester was by his kinsman Richard.


What does the frequent use of blood and murder do in this scene?

Create further atmosphere of suspense and foreboding.


Historically where do we know Boilingbroke's 'appeal' or accusation was made?

29th April 1398 at Windsor.
Time and place not mentioned in play.


Who is King Richard?

Richard of Bordeaux.
Only son of Edward - the black prince.


'late appeal'.

Recent accusation of treason.