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Overall what happens in this scene?

Richard reveals his determination to use whatever means are available to further his political ends and in particular to seize Ganut's estate.


In private conversation what does Richard say to Bagot, Green and Aumerle?

Express intense resentment of Henry's popularity with the common people.
Henry has usurped his place in the people's hearts.


What does Richard do to finance his expedition against the Irish Rebels?

He uses unjust and tyrannical methods.
Raises taxes for common people in return for ready money and raising forced loans for his wealthy subjects.


What does Richard learn from Bushy?

That Gaunt is dying, he callously hopes that he will die quickly so that his wealth can be seized.


Why is this scene significant?

It achieves an effect of striking contrast.


Why does Richard fear Henry?

Henry's popularity.
Perhaps why Richard banished him.


What kind of scene is this ?

Private scene between Richard and his followers


What do audience think of Richard now ?


His private persona is very different to public Richard

Scrutinise him due to his treatment of gaunt

Metaphorical images of making money from his country - corruption


Why is Richard jealous of B?

B is popular with common people and Richard is not