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Overall what happens in this scene?

Gaunt refuses to avenge Gloucester's murder.


What does John of Gaunt do in this scene?

Refuses the pleas of the Duchess of Gloucester to avenge the murder of her husband.


How does the Duchess of Gloucester respond to John of Gaunt?

She argues that not only it is owed by Gaunt to his father and brother but that his own self-interest should prompt it.


What does Gaunt reveal in this scene?

That Richard was implicated in Gloucesters death and asserts that no subject may judge God's deputy on Earth.


What is the significance of this play?

Intimate and heartfelt dialogue, it does serve to contrast in manner and tones with the pageantry of both ACT1SCENE1 and ACT1SCENE3.
It discloses Richard's involvement in Gloucester death.


What kind of imagery is apparent?

References to Edward III.


What kind of scene is this ?

Private scene between gaunt and duchess


Key ideas ?

Divinity and true sovereign

Can’t avenge Richard as he’s gods minister on earth - pitty for gaunt