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What does Richard say to Gaunt that shows him respect and contrasts to his treatment of him later?

'Old John of Gaunt, time-honoured Lancaster'


What does Henry say that is dramatically ironic.
Heightening how the audience will know of Richards involvement in Gloucester's death?

'Thou art a traitor and a miscreant/
Too good to be so, and too bad to live'


How is it evident that Henry lays down a challenge?

The stage actions.
[throwing down his gage]


What does Henry say that builds tension and provides an underlying message to Richard?

'That he did plot the Duke of Gloucester's death'.


What does Henry say when he indirectly challenges Richard to avoid treason?

'traitor coward'
'sacrificing Abel's cries'


What does Richard say that foregrounds the demise of England?

'Forget, forgive, conclude and be agreed;/
Our Doctors say this is no month to bleed.'


How does Mowbray fight for his honour?

'I am disgraced, impeached, and baffled here'


Richards reference to animals and how English can overpower anybody?

'lions make leopards tame.'


Plunged into conflict

“Face to face and frowning brow to brow, ourselves will hear the accuser and the accused freely speak”


Arterieoric / Richard as god / reminder of greatness

“We thank you both”


How is language significant here ?

Richards is grand / poetic / calm

Bolingbroke isn’t poetic


Mowbray is respectful of the king / doesn’t speak with offensive language

“Your highness curbs me forming giving reins and spurs to my free speech”


Significance of “highness”

It is a representative way of to refer to Richards importance & order in hierarchy


Richard is impartial / unbiased / good king at this point

“Impartial are our eyes and ears”


Richards power / tragic flaw / ironic because there is blood

“Be ruled by me let’s purge this choker without letting blood”

“We were not born to sue, but to command”