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Overall what happens in this scene?

Upon Gaunt's death, Richard seizes his uncle's estate which is rightfully Bolingbroke's inheritance.
Richard leaves for his Irish campaign and there's ominous signs of growing discontent with his rule.
News that Henry is poised to invade England.


What does this scene open with?

York and Gaunt lamenting on the failings of Richards conduct as king.


When Richard enters on stage what does Gaunt tell him?

He rebukes Richard for submitting himself to the evil influence of flatterers.
Killing his descendants and leasing out his land in return for money.


What do the 3 nobleman discuss on stage?

Northumberland, Willoughby, Ross.
Wrongs which they and England have endured under Richard.


What does Northumberland say that is really important to the play?

That Henry is ready to sail from France with an invasion force, and he is waiting for Richard to leave from Ireland before setting off.


How is this a pivotal scene ?

Richards last appearance as an unchallenged king - begins Richards down fall

After this he is not seen again until the balance of power has shifted

Momentum begins to pick up as events happen quick - too quick for Richard to take control


Haunts devotion to England

Patriotic devotion- Richard doesn’t even have this and he’s the king


Where does this scene take place ?

Ely house


What is gaunt prophecising ?

inevitable Down fall of England under Richards rule.

Richard leasing out land.

England will suffer as a consequence


What did the elizabethans view England as?

2nd paradise