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Where is this scene set ?

Westminster hall
Contrast from garden scene


Carlisle - prophecies sown fall of England under Henry’s rule

The blood of England shall manure the ground, and futures ages groan for this foul act

The field of Golgotha and dead mans skulls -> religious aspect - link to place where Jesus got crucified


Richard gives Henry crown

Here, cousin, seize the crown


Richard remains majestic

“My crown i am, but still my guess are mine”


Richards loss suffering
Repetition/ anaphora

“With mine own tears I wash away my balm”
“With mine own hands I give away my crown”


Richard - traitors

“Mine eyes are full of tears; I cannot see; and yet salt water blinds them not so much but they can see a short of traitors here”


What happens

Richard yields his crown to Henry


How does this scene link but also contrast to beginning of scene ?

Act1, scene 1 when Richard is sat in judgment on a quarrel about Gs death - splendid/ ceremonious scene and Richard speaks highly.

However this even is unruly and ridiculous

Henry’s rule is less grand/ splendid than Richards - something fine is lost


Who tells us that Richard will willingly give up crown



What does Carlisle say

No one can judge / depose a true sovereign and that a civil war will come - war of the roses

Syynoayjise with Richard and don’t support his usurping successor B

Terrible / lasting consequences which the Elizabethan audience would know


What does the bishops arrest show

Political power will prevail whatever the arguments - nothing will prevent Henery carrying out his plan


How is it sognixant rhat henery made this affair?

As Richard is centre of attention , worn out by sadness / oppressed by hoplessness

Reduced to nothing - sympathy


Who is going to plot murder of B

Carlos’s and aumerle plot death

Trouble follows B - fulfilment of Carlisle’s phrophecy once power has been taken from legitimate holder cilvil disorder ensures

Not easyaccwotedd


Carlisle prophecy

Disorder , horror , fear , mutiny


Imagery of the balance of power
Tragic inevitability

Mechanical rise to power

2 buckets filling one another the emptier ever dancing in the air