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Mowbray says this but this is what Henry becomes

“A traitor to my god, my king and me”


Richards tragic mistake / he should let them fight /hamartia

“Before the combat can begin, the king throws down his baton”


Justification of Richards actions / blood imagery / ironic as blood is shed later on

“Out kingdoms earth should not be spiked with that dear blood”


2nd mistake in this scene

“Therefore we banish you our territories”

“6 years we banish him”


Richard covers every angle to ensure they don’t conspire against him / mistake

“Nor never write, regreet, nor reconcile”


Richard cleverly appears to be helping his people / land

“Gainst us, our state, our subjects, or our land”


Gaunt metaphor for life

“My oil dried lamp”

Images of life and death - pitty for gaunt as he dies soon

“Kingdom cannot buy my breath”


Gaunt foreshadowing sufferinf of England

“Devouring pestilence hangs in our air”