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Overall what happens in this scene?

Richard halts the trial by combat between Boilingbroke and Mowbray and banishes both men.


What happens on September 17th 1398?

The lists have been prepared at Coventry for the trial by combat arranged to determine whether Mowbray is the traitor Henry claims.


How is tension built up in this scene?

Chivalric formalities of the identification of the combatants.
Statement of the cause of the quarrel.
Swearing of the oaths.
Ceremonial leave takings.
Arming of the combatants.


How long does Richard banish both men for?

Mowbray for life.
Bolingbroke for 10 years which the king reduces to 6.


Why did Richard banish both men when one of the was innocent?

Critics found evidence of Richard's wifulness, unstable nature and tendency to rule in an irrational and arbitory fashion.


How does Richard show he is in control?

He makes a master stroke of policy by intervening before either man is proved innocent.


Why does Richard become paranoid over Henry and Thomas?

He detects ambition in them and is anxious they should not conspire together against him.


What happens when he banished both men?

Removes both threats.
Retains the appearance of impartiality.


Richard as bad king

Unstable nature
Tendency to rule in iteration and arbitrary fashion

Then he reduced Henry’s banishment supports the view that he enjoys using power irresponsibly


What type of scene is this ?



Richard mistake

Banishes both men
Here we see that his flaw is pride / excessive belief that his power as king will keep him king