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Why are illicit drugs often used as a form of self medications?

Their mechanism of action is very similar to the drugs used as psychotherapeutic agents


Describe how drug use might actually make one more susceptible to mental illness.

chronic drug use can alter brain receptors such that one is more susceptible


Why is there often diagnostic confusion between mental illness and drug use?

because both intoxication and withdrawal can resemble symptoms of many psychiatric disorders


What is a key thing to ask when trying to figure out the causal connection between drug use and mental illness?

ask which symptoms began first and whether the symptoms persist during sustained periods of abstinence


Why should you delay treatment by a few weeks for mental illness/sustance abuse if possible?

stopping the substance use and waiting allows for identification of transient substance-induced symptoms


What happened in the study that gave sertraline to depressed individuals on methadone?

it indirectly improved their opioid addiction


When are benzodizepines most helpful in terms of mental illness/drug abuse.

basically just use during acute detox - long term is controversial


Is it the antidepressant that directly helps the SUD, or just the decrease in depressive symptoms?

it's more likely the decrease in depressive symptoms


In bipolar disorder with SUD, what is most effective? Lithium, Depakote, Tegretol, therapy, or combo?



What percentage of individuals with schizophrenia also have an SUD>

50% - alcohol most common


What drug was given to help people wtih schizophrenia decrease their alcohol dependence?



True or false: SSRIs for anxiety disorders also help SUD?



Which usually comes first, SUD or social aniety disorder?

social anxiety disorder


PTSD and SUD are divided into three clusters that vary in terms of which symptoms started first. Which cluster benefits most from treatment with sertraline?

cluster 3 - the peopl who have early onset severe alcoholismand later-onset PTSD


In treating ADHD and comorbid SUD, what drug class should you avoid?

psychostimulants unfortunately - so use buprorion or tricyclics