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True or false:

anyone who has capacity to make decisions can refuse any health care intervention.



If an adult does not have capacity to make decisions and doesn't have an advance directive, who can make decisions?

family members


What is the term for someone designated to make decisions by an advance directive?

surrogate or proxy


What is the other option besides and advance directive?

durable power of attorney for health care


Court designated decision makers are called what?

guardians or conservators


Surrogates make desicions using ______ rather than best interests whenever possible.

substituted judgment - what the patient would have wanted


Who has decision making power when it comes to a fetus?

ONLY the mother

the father has no say until the child is born


From the baby doe cases, disabled infants cannot be allowed to die, but interventions can be witheld under what three criteria...

1. infant is irreversibly comatose

2. treatment would prolong dying

3. treatment would not be effective in correcting all life-threatening conditions


In terms of infants, what cannot be witheld regardless of status?

hydration (oral)

nutrition (oral)

appropriate medicaitons


Who has decision making capabilites for a patient that is

under 3 years old

4-13 years old

14 years and over

3 - child basically forced into treatment with parental permission

4-13  - the child's assent is finessed with parental permission

14 and over - case law says 14 year olds can make own decisions in terms of end or life, chemotherapy, etc


What things can youth make private decisions about?

pregnancy or pregnancy related issues like BC

mental health concerns

parenting issues

substance abuse concerns


What youths can literally make all their own health decisions wihtout anyone being informed?